My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.



Shit! I had a really interesting chapter! My stupid iPod and sister ruined it! My sister fucked up the wifi my iPod deleted the chapter! Sorry this chapter might not be so interesting. I'm pissed. Fucking shit. Sorry guys I had a chapter and everything. Blame my fucking sister. Fuck you!

     Zayn had told me he was going to get me a apartment. I don't know why but, oh well. He let me into the apartment I walked in and saw shit. JUST KIDDING BITCHEZ! It's beautiful. He sat my bags down. "So?......" Zayn asked. "It's beautiful, thank you." I hugged him. "No problem! By the way I told the neighbor Adam next door to check on you once in a while." He said to me. "Um thanks?" We laughed and he left.

     I looked around the apartment and saw a room and walked into it. It had a note on the chair. 'Just in case. ~Zayn xx' I smiled and looked around. It was a baby room. Elephants on the blankets, yellow walls, cute rocking chair. I pulled out my phone. I called Zayn. "What do you mean by 'just in case'?" I shot out right when he picked up. "I mean like just in case if something happened! You know what just happened!" He yelled. I sighed. "So you mean I might, be." There was a long silence. "Um sure." He said and I hung up.

   I looked in the master and saw another note and it said 'see just in case! Zayn xx' I laughed it off and looked at what it is. "Zayn." I whispered under my breath. It was a pregnancy test. I looked around one more time and saw a door. I opened it to find a bathroom. I walked in. On the sink was another note. 'Did you lose it? Zayn xx' it was ANOTHER pregnancy test. For the heck of it I tested myself. Positive. I froze and looked at my stomach.

    I called Zayn. "How the fuck did you know!!!!!" I yelled. "Knew what?" He asked. "I'm pregnant!!!!" Long silence. "What?" Another voice asked. "Liam? I'm pregnant." I told him another long silence. "Hello?" His Irish accent told me it was Niall "I'm pregnant." Another long silence. "Chap chap who's there?" He said. "Louis?" I asked. "Ce censor." He said "I'm pregnant." Looooooooooooong silence. "HOLY SHIT!" He yelled.

      I didn't want to talk to Harry so I hung up not wanting to speak to him. I sat ion the couch and thought. Did Zayn fuck me? Is that how he knows?


Hey guys this chapter is better then. The one before! My iPod is out thought

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