Death to your heart (NaNoWriMo entry 2013)

my nanowrimo entry for 2013


2. Chapter 2

They ran into the next bright pink room, weapons at the ready. A white owl came in and dropped a letter at Aaron's feet. Aaron didn't want to pick it up.


The owl then spoke, “Pick it up already. Its about a safe place where you can stay and get food. Do you want me to help you or not?”


Aaron and the boys looked shocked. Aaron opened the letter and read aloud.


Hey I've just seen that you have entered the mansion. Your friend? She's trying to kill you. If you go out of the window in the main lounge where you first came in, you should see a tower in the grounds. This will not help you escape, but it will keep you safe at night and when someone gets injured. Nothing haunts up there. I will bring you food and water everyday that you survive. Just sleep and eat there. That's it. Trust me



Dahvie looked up at the Owl. “Really? What time to you say is night?” He asked.


The owl nodded, “Twelve, midnight. You should hear the grandfather clock ding 12 when its time. You will have 5 minutes to get out or one of you will die. Got it?”


The boys nodded. The owl flew out the window.


I wonder what would happen if one of us went out now?” Martin said.


Don't even think about it.” Jayy said.


Why not?” Yelled Martin running towards the Lounge knocking the possessed Chloe over. The boys ran after him.


Get down right now,” said Dahvie.


But it was too late, Martin and jumped out the window. The boys ran over to look out the window. There was Martin laying there, turning into dust. The wind blew the dust. While it blew about it read the words “You can only step on this ground at Midnight.”


They turned around to look at the clock. “1 hour left then.” Aaron sighed.


They all heard a groaning sound and turned around. It was Chloe chasing them again!They ran up the stair case and into a large bedroom. There was a large dragon statue. The boys cuddled close and went closer to the dragon statue, still aware that Chloe was stalking. When they were close to the dragon, they could see that it had emerald eyes. Shining brightly. The dragon quickly turned its head and the boys sprinted when I blew fire. Luckily none of them got hurt. They found a door to escape back to the staircase and down the stairs in time for the clock striking 12.


“Ill go first,” said Aaron, “If I die it means I can be with Chloe's real soul.”


Aaron jumped out the window. The landed perfectly and in perfect condition. The window wasn't that hight so he could easily climb back in tomorrow.


“Im fine guys come on out!” shouted Aaron to Dahvie and Jayy.


Dahvie and Jayy both jumped out. They all ran over to the tower. They saw the owl and asked how they would get in. The owl dropped a rope and they all had to climb up. Once inside the owl told them about a hidden door that could only be accessed from inside.


They had fresh fruit and bread to eat that night and to drink they had water. They had a sleep until 7 in the morning when the owl woke them up.


“Take a quick drink of water and one piece of fruit or bread. Then off you guys go, its going to be a bit tougher.” said the Owl. “Wait was there not four of you?”


“He jumped out the window at eleven and turned to dust,” said Jayy.


The boys went down the long, spiralled, brick staircase. They ended at a wall with a handle. They turned it and it opened. They all walked slowly towards the lounge. When they reached the window, they all climbed up. Chloe was lying at the stairs sleeping, still trapped in the body of the killer.


They went in the opposite door than they first went into. It was black. Pitch black. Suddenly, a candle lit itself. It was flickering. The boys saw a large white grin with red juicy lips. They looked kind of feminine but they were defiantly masculine.


“Hello,” It said. It was defiantly a man, you could tell by his low voice, which echoed around the room. “Step closer, let me tell you a secret.”


The three boys huddled together tightly. As they got closer they saw more and more of the man's face. His face was pale white, he teeth perfectly clean, dark circles under his red eyes, blue hair, pure red lips and a pierced nose.


When they were close the man stood up. A ton of dust fell off him. He must have been sitting there for quite sometime. He held his back and curved it, making a loud cracking noise. When he was fully stretched all over, he lifted his legs up and down slowly.


“You boys better run.” he said with the grin still stuck on his face. “Im coming to get you!” he shouted.


The boys ran and ran and ran. Screaming, causing Chloe to wake up and also chase after the survivours. They ran upstairs, past the dragon in the bedroom and into a large dining room.


“This can't be good,” said Jayy and Dahvie at the same time.


Aaron being him-dopey-self said, “Why not? I mean its only a dining room what could go wrong?”


Dahvie and Jayy gave each other a “what the hell” look. “Aaron, I don't know what is wrong with you but a dining room has knives, you know? Those big sharp pointy things you cut your dinner with.” explained Dahvie.


“Oh, I forgot...” said Aaron.


Dahvie and Jayy sighed. Suddenly, the crazy man and Chloe burst through the doors and the knives and forks were swinging wildly in the air.


“We need to get out of here.” Jayy whispered.

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