Death to your heart (NaNoWriMo entry 2013)

my nanowrimo entry for 2013


1. Chapter 1

Jim Butler was a 42 year old kidnapper from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He usually kidnapped just up in Belfast but one night he decided to drive down to Dublin to see if he could get any more people from there. He drives a white van with blacked out back windows and side windows. When Jim arrived in Dublin, it was raining. “Not much different than Belfast then, Eh?” he said driving around looking for people to take to be part of his survival games in his secret haunted mansion.


After a while he found two young people, a girl with blonde wavy hair and wearing a black hoodie and a boy with black spikey hair wearing a blue hoodie. They both were about 12 and their names were Chloe and Aaron.


“Chloe,” said Aaron, “I have been meaning to tell you this since we met each other in school. I- I- I lo...”


But Jim had came and put a cloth bag over Aaron's head. Chloe started screaming and swinging her arms and kicking her legs wildly at the kidnapper, but Jim held on tight to Aaron's bag and slipped one over Chloe's head before putting Aaron in a head lock to tie Chloe's bag and vice-versa. Jim carried the two restless bodies to the van and dumped them inside.


“Aaron, you ok?” Asked Chloe terrified.


“Yeh you?” Aaron replied


“Yeh, I hope we will be ok. I'm trying to get this stupid bag off my head but its tied too tight!” said Chloe panicking.


“We'll hopefully be out soon” said Aaron.


After about 10 minutes of driving the van came to a stop close by to 3 boys. One looked 18 who had short brown hair evened out with a yellow hoodie, Martin. Another was about 21 who had Black hair put to one side, was wearing a red hoodie and was the tallest out of the 3, Jayy. The last one was about 23 had longish black hair kind of all over the place, was wearing a matching hoodie to Jayy's and was the shortest out of the 3, Dahvie. Jim had the three bags ready and rapidly shoved the bags over each of their heads. He then tied the bags onto the squerming bodies and pushed them toward the van. When they reached the van Jim adjusted his mask, pushed the boys into the van and took off the bags of each person. Chloe, Aaron, Martin, Jayy then Dahvie.


“What the hell dude! What was that for?” yelled Dahvie, but Jim just locked the doors of the van and drove on.


The 4 hour journey from Dublin to Belfast was silent except for a few sighs and whimpers here and there. It was awkward and terrifying. The 5 people were all squashed together because of lot of boxes in the back of the van.


When the van came to a final halt Jim opened the van doors. He checked each and every one of their pockets for devices that could tell people where they are. Any that he found he took of them, and broke them. He pushed them all into a haunted mansion.


“Well,” Jim said in his deep voice, “You will be in a survival game, here until you die, so don't go thinking you will be lucky and survive. Heh heh.” Jim gave a sly laugh.


Jayy and Dahvie were from a band, Blood On The Dance Floor and tried to announce that to Jim.

“Hey, we were on tour in Dublin and we are kinda a band. A famous one, and we were wondering...” said Jayy, but got cut off.


“Silence!!!” shouted Jim. “I do not care who you are where you come from or what ever excuses you have to give me, your going to die, no matter what. Bye, I wont be checking on you!!!”


“You cant just leave!!!” yelled Martin.


“Just watch me!” Jim Yelled back and the haunted mansions doors closed.


Chloe and Aaron both ran and tried to open the doors but they were locked. Aaron didn't care that people were around but he continued what he was doing earlier. Aaron kneeled down on one knee infront of Chloe. Everyone gathered around. “I didn't tell you earlier as we got snatched but I lo...” Aaron started saying when all of a sudden Chloe collapsed on the floor, shaking, turning blue and her mouth was foaming.


Aaron was leaning over her. “Someone do CPR!!!” he yelled panicking. Chloe was transforming, but Aaron being Aaron didn't notice. Everyone started backing away when they say this. “Why are you all backing away?” asked Aaron.


Suddenly Chloe rose up. Aaron looked up at her and was shocked. He started backing away. Chloe was now a tall slender girl with brown hair, covered with blood, dragging a large teddy bear and had a knife at hand.


“She must be possessed, that's the only logical explanation for this. How could she almost die then just spring up lively, ready to murder us?” whimpered Dahvie cuddling into Jayy and Martin.


“Hey I'm Aaron, I know I'm a bit younger than you guys but can I stay and work with you? My crush has been possessed and now... I will never be able to love someone else.” Cried Aaron. “I loved her and only her.”


“Fine, not stop your moaning. She's gone, you'll be gone too if you don't pay attention.” said Jayy.


Chloe had now dropped the teddy bear and was running after the boys, knife ready to kill. Aaron, Martin, Jayy and Dahvie all ran for their lives. They stopped in the next room. It had pretty old furniture all lit up. It made the rest of the mansion look fake. The lights then started to flicker and a ghostly figure appeared multiple times. The carpets turned blood stained and the boys were girly screaming. They all found weapons and kept guard. They all survived that room. But Chloe was still following...


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