The Truth

First day of high school, the first chapter of a new story. Lydia heads off to high school with a back pack on her shoulders and meets people who will change her life completely. One of which will turn her world upside down like never before.


1. The Mysterious Boy

-So, I know I'm writing a lot of books already, but this is one that needs to be written. I have too many emotions going through my mind and it needs to go down onto paper, or in this case, Movellas. This one is the truth. The painful, honest, and humorous truth. I write all of my other books for fun and I create the characters and the thoughts. This one is my life, my thoughts, and my feelings. I've talked to a few people about writing it and got positive feedback, so here goes the truth, AKA my life.-

BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Wassup sexies? I love you guys .... teehee. I will be changing names, ages, etc....So yeah...I hope you're having a good day. 

Stay perfect, please!




The Beginning-

The horrifying sound of someone knocking on my door wakes me up. I slowly open my eyes, blinking a few times to try and adjust my vision. I gaze at my clock-which tells me it's almost five in the evening- which reminds me that I have to be at an open house in less than an hour. 

"I'm up." I mumble to the unknown person and hear feet shuffling away. I plug in my straightener and pull out my makeup bag. In about twenty minutes I'm ready to go. Yes, you may applaud me for such speedy skills. 

I'm in the car a few minutes later and I start heading to the high school with my parents. 

"Lydia, we're here!" My mother cheers as she looks at my new high school. Butterflies begin to annoy my stomach as I spot various groups of teenagers walking into the courtyard. It's a one story building, it's chic and modern looking. I open my door and follow the groups, looking once more at my skinny jeans and silver sandals. 

I am greeted and then walk into the cafeteria where all of the students are. I spot an empty seat in the second row of tables and take my seat behind a black haired boy with blonde at the tips. I smile for some reason, and then direct my attention the the principle as he begins a speech. Through the entire speech I find myself looking over at the boy. He seems so mysterious, so hidden; like he is guarding himself from everyone who sits around him. He's probably a jerk.


"You're going to your Advisory teacher's room and they will hand you your books. We'll see you in two days!" He finishes and we all stand. The mysterious boy turns towards me and I catch a glimpse of his face. He has dark brown eyes and a strong face. His black shirt adorns his chest. 


I begin to walk out of the cafeteria and I look down at the paper in my hand, a map of the school. I read the teacher's name at the top and then find the room. When I get to the room I search for the stack of books that has my schedule on top. Finally I find the one that says "Lydia" on it, and I glance at the books. I look at the books next to mine, reading the name "Patrick" at the top of the schedule. I continue looking at the books before I feel the presence of another person next to me. I turn to see the mysterious boy picking up the schedule next to me. So this guy is Patrick?


"Hey," I say without even thinking. He looks at me without a smile as he observes me. He continues his investigation before looking back down at his schedule. 

"Hey." He says in response. I smile like a fool and pick up my books from the desk. 

"See you on Thursday." I smile and he looks up once more. A little grin plays on his lips as he nods. He also picks up his books and I wave bye to him before walking out of the room.


So, sexies, that was the shortest chapter EVER.....But I hope it at least was a good sneak peak? No? *curls up in a ball and cries* 

Love you anyway! 



Stay perfect!


Masyn <3

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