The Truth

First day of high school, the first chapter of a new story. Lydia heads off to high school with a back pack on her shoulders and meets people who will change her life completely. One of which will turn her world upside down like never before.


4. Movie Night Part 2

*Mentally shoots myself for not updating*

Oh, hi there! is an update.....:D I've been so busy with school that I couldn't write and I am so sorry for being unfaithful to you lovelies.  I'm really excited for this story now because I have chapters lined up already! Please comment, favorite, and subscribe if you enjoy anything I've written! Or, you know, do it anyway because you love me ;) 

Love you, sexies!



Okay, I'll admit night was getting kind of boring.  I only knew a few people, so an idea popped in my head to go over and sit by some other people.  I walked over to where Jordyn was sitting and sat down next to a girl who would soon become one of my good friends: Katie.  

"Hey, girl."  Jordyn said to me as I took a seat next to Katie.  

"Hey." I replied with a smile.  Katie tapped on my arm and gave me a smile.

"You're the person Anthony has a crush on, right?" (Anthony, yes.  Not the same Anthony as we talked about before.  This Anthony was a bright kid in my grade who was very sexual.  Oh, and he told everyone that we were dating the first week of school...) 

"Um, that's me, I suppose." I laughed.  "What's your name?"

"Katie.  And you're Lydia."  She grinned and looked at me before reaching into a candy box and pulling out a Milk Dud. 

"We don't have classes together- right?" I asked, getting ready to shoot myself if we did and I had never noticed her.

"Nope, none." I exhaled, happy that I hadn't made an idiot of myself.

"Want to know a secret?"  Katie leaned towards me.

"Sure, what's the secret?"

"I kind of have a crush on Kaleb. You know him, right?" She said in a hushed tone, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks.

"Yeah, I know him.  He's kind of annoying to me." I chuckled at the memory of how annoying he was just that afternoon in Speech class.  He was, to be honest, one of my least favorite people before movie night.  He was annoying as heck and half the time I was around him I felt like strangling him to end my misery once and for all.  

"Well I like him.  I'm kind of hoping he'll come over soon." 

Oh my goodness how could she like such a douche? Is he nice to her?  Am I the only person that gets a bad vibe from him? I thought.  



A few hours later, as Katie had hoped, Kaleb was sitting next to her on the ground.  They looked cute together, but I still couldn't get past the fact that he was rude to me.  

I was a little upset that Anthony (remember, this is bright Anthony; just forget about the other one at the moment) hadn't come to the movie night.  OKAY DO NOT JUDGE ME HERE, PEOPLE- yes, I did like Patrick, but I also kind of sort of had a crush on Anthony. *gasp* I mean, he was bright, sweet, and funny. (You didn't hear that from me)

Anywho, the rest of the night Katie, Kaleb, Jordyn, and a few other people and myself just talked and messed around while Ms. Reilly and Mrs. Miller (plus the students actually watching...losers;)) were laughing at the movies that were shown.  All around it was pretty fun, and I was glad that I had the opportunity to meet Katie and get to know her.  (Especially since she, Steven, and I had a contest where we threw popcorn in the air...let's just say there was popcorn everywhere when we were done...) 


OK, GUYS, OK....

I am going to update soon, but I have a question for you to think about and either answer in the comments or in your head. (I'd like to hear about it) What is the most fun school related event you've been to and what did you do that made it so fun? Bye, guys! Love you sexies!

Masyn<3 xoxo

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