The Truth

First day of high school, the first chapter of a new story. Lydia heads off to high school with a back pack on her shoulders and meets people who will change her life completely. One of which will turn her world upside down like never before.


3. Movie Night Part 1

Tonight you're perfect, I want to fall in love with the stars in your eyes...

I sing along to the song as I ride in the car on my way to school. I find my group of friends I've created over the first few weeks of school and throw my backpack on a chair that isn't wet, to my surprise.

"Nailah!" I say in a high voice as I see Requanda looking at her phone. She smiles as she hears her middle name said.

"OH MY GOSH... HARREEEH!" She screams and shows me a picture of Harry Styles. "I just want to...hug him." She says slowly and smiles.

"There's something wrong with you, Nailah." I mumble and shake my head, sitting down next to Caleb.

"Oh. Hey Lydia. Hey." He says quickly.

"Oh. Hi Caleb." I say just as quickly, smiling at our little conversation's stupidness. He laughs as he begins to tell us about Breaking Bad and how we shouldn't even be alive if we don't watch it. Look, I'm sorry that I don't watch it, but don't you still love me? Well fine, just pack up your bag and leave!

I rub my eyes and ruffle my hair, trying to help it come back to life.

"I love you guys." I smile a lazy smile as I look at my best friends.



"So, are you going to tonight's movie night?" Skylar asks me as I sit down in my last class of the day, Chemistry.

"Yeah! Is Patrick going?" I ask, trying to hide that I might have small crush on him.

"I think so. I need to go to my mom's car and put my bag away, he's going there with us."

"Yes! I will force him through the door if I must." I laugh as we leave the room. We walk down the hallway and finally see Patrick, so we quickly grab his arms and pull him.

"What the hell?" He groans as we pull him along with us.

"We're going to Skylar's car." I tell him, and he nods his head in understandment.


As we walk along we joke and push each other and just have fun.

"Hi." I say to a random person, Patrick laughing as he looks at me.

"That's like asking a rapist to take you home. Don't just say 'hi' to a freaking stranger." Patrick mocks me, me hitting his shoulder and rolling my eyes. He hits my shoulder in return and my pulse races as his hand touches my skin.


"THERE'S GUM IN THE CAR!" I shout as Skylar opens the door.

"Yeah..." She shrugs and hands me a piece, and then she tosses one to Patrick.

"Well, if the cops come by we can just say we're snorting some drugs." I suggest, Patrick cracks up, as does Skylar.

"Yeah because I'm going to snort this shit." Patrick points to his mouth and Skylar chokes. I slap her back, trying to help but making it worse. I almost fall as we laugh, Patrick mocking my idea.

"Shut up." I laugh as we walk back to the school. We go sit in the cafeteria and I try to sit next to Patrick. I smile when I achieve what I wanted and see this kid Kaleb sitting on his other side.

I smile as I look at Patrick, who during the first movie keeps making comments.

"I want a cake pop." I say all of a sudden. Patrick looks at me and shrugs.

"Go get one."

"I've never had one of those." Kaleb speaks up. What is wrong with this guy? Everyone has had cake pops.

"You're kidding." I say dryly as I get up with my money.

"Nope." He replies.

"I'll get you one. Patrick, want one?" I ask and he shakes his head. I was kind of hoping he'd say yes for some reason.

I get a bag of cake pops and hand one to Kaleb. He takes a bite as Patrick and I wait for his verdict.

"On a scale of.." I think.

"One to ten." Patrick decides and I nod as we look at Kaleb. Why is he not dead from the amazingness of this cake pop. What is wrong with him?

"I'd say...six." He decides. My jaw drops and Patrick looks like he's been shot or something.

"Ouch." I say quickly and eat my cake pop, almost sheading a tear for that cake pop he is holding. Patrick laughs and puts his arm near mine. My heart races faster than it ever has and I move my arm closer to his as we watch, well talk through, the movie.

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