Forgive me

Michelle Lucas, 17 y/o has just moved to London from Sweden. Away from Sweden, away from the bad memories from Her childhood. She's Been hurted bu Her father. Duringher childhood she had Her best Friend, Niall Horan, who's Been supporting Her thrue everything. When Mich went 15 Niall joined a band, One Direction, and since then They haven't met, or even just texted. What Mich doesn't know is that Niall is living in the same building as Her new flat. But Mich is very dissappointed at Niall that he just leaved Her when Her dad was like worst.....-


3. authors note :)

Hi! What do you think about the first chapter? Personaly I like it :) but people has different likes and unlikes. Well, I Would love som critic! What should I do better?

xx, T

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