Running Scared - In Search of Truth Pt1

My NaNoWriMo Entry for 2013.

Sinead and Tom are two like minded spirits who find that love is hard to share. They must overcome the everyday problems they have to find if Pokemon actually survive. From grimy Stockby, their search takes them to Malaysia and the truth, but can they handle the truth and will they be together at the end?

Please note that is not a novel about Pokemon.

Inspired by a conversation around a campfire.

Dedicated to the real Sinead. #iLECT


17. Love

‘Just going to get a cloth’ I said. She let go but started to mumble under her breath as though she was speaking to herself. She was still talking quietly to herself as I left the room. I stood in the bedroom and contemplated what to do. She wasn’t really responding. She seemed to have regressed to the point that she was back to some younger state. I wish I’d paid a lot more attention to medical matters. All I could think to do was to comfort her. I looked into the bag I’d packed. It held a meagre haul. I’d not had my head on quite right when I’d packed. I pulled out a couple of pairs of Sinead’s pants, a bra, a t-shirt and jeans. I’d only got a pair of pants and a t-shirt. What could I use. I picked up my clean shirt. This would have to do.


When I got back into the bathroom, Sinead had started to rock backwards and forwards again, her body moving with the water. In any other situation it might be construed as erotic, but that was the furthest thought from my mind. She was still talking under her breath. She saw me enter and half smiled. I sat on the floor by the bath and dipped my T-shirt in the water, letting the water soak through it. Screwing it up the best I could I started to wash Sinead’s back. There was shower gel in a dispenser on the wall. I put some on my hand and rubbed it into Sinead’s back. I was getting really worried about her, tears were forming in my eyes as I massaged first her back and then turned my attention to her front. Using my hands and the t-shirt I managed to get rid of the blood on her.


As I slowly cleaned her body, making small delicate movements her utterances slowly went away and she kept looking at me, still with that little girl lost look. It was a look of trust though. I felt where her body was once taut with tension, a relaxation was taking place. I continued to rub her, starting again at the back and gradually the colour came back into her cheeks and face. Her eyes were no longer putrid ponds but a little life had appeared in them. Not a sparkle but a definite feeling that something was beginning to return.


I kept up the massage until the water started to cool. It was bright red. I raised Sinead up and let the water out of the bath. As the crimson red liquid disappeared down the plughole I turned on the shower. I stood up and steered Sinead under the shower. Using the shower gel I quickly washed the blood out of her hair. I led her out of the bath and pulled a towel off the rail wrapping it quickly around her. I dried her body as quickly as I could. In the bedroom I pulled back the sheets and she climbed into the bed. I covered her up, yes I’d forgotten the night clothes again. She held her arms out to me. I quickly stripped and got under the covers. Sex was the last thing on my mind, indeed I wasn’t even aroused amazing as it may sound.


Neither of us had any night clothes so we just cuddled under the covers. I stroked Sinead’s hair. She buried her head in my chest and sighed contentedly. The TV flickered shining it’s multi coloured light across the room. I reached over and turned off the light. I vaguely watched the TV, it was the film, Field of Dreams, always one of my favourites. As life in Iowa flickered away in front of me, I felt Sinead starting to fall asleep. There was the occasional moan but long before the end of the film she’d started her little snores. I continued to watch not really taking it all in. The line ‘Is this Heaven?, No it’s Iowa’ still brought a chuckle to me.


When the film ended I eased myself out of bed and went to clean up the bathroom. I hung my wet t-shirt up and  put Sineads clothes in a carrier bag. I put the raccoon fur under the tap and spend a while trying to wash all the blood off it. It surprisingly seemed to look OK, well as OK as it could be. I rested it on the shower rail to dry out a bit. Turning the light off I went back to the bedroom. Sinead had moved slightly and was now occupying most of my side of the bed. Somethings never changed, I thought.


I got my laptop out, I hadn’t done any work today what with everything that had happened and so I needed to catch up. I switched on and when prompted paid for wifi from the Travel Tavern with my Paypal account. Logging on I headed for my email. There were one or two requests for quotes as well as a couple of alterations that needed doing. I quickly started to deal with the changes that needed to be made.


After a while I noticed that an email from Mai had appeared in my inbox. Mai was a malaysian girl who had been at school with me. We’d been close sharing a love of chess, reading and computers. She’d gone back to Malaysia after our GCSE’s when her parents had finished their university course. I’d kept in touch with her over the years, usually exchanging emails once a week.


Opening it I saw that she was graduating in a few weeks. She’d won a special award for being in the top ten in the country. The award and degree she would receive from the King. She had invited me over to watch her receive it. I smiled. It would be good to see Mai again. I’d told her all about Sinead and confessed my most private thoughts about her to Mai. Mai had been great when my parents died, constantly on chat and skype talking to me. She’d helped me cope a lot better. I owed her a lot. However it would be too much to travel to Malaysia at this time.


I was just about to tap out a reply when I heard Sinead start to cry. She was sat upright in the bed obviously having some kind of night fright.

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