Angel Twin

Riley is a nerd, loves to listen to music and play the piano. Riley has a secret. She can sing. The lady raising her is actually just her aunt. Riley finds out she has a twin brother. Now put Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles. You know everything about him. Big boy band. Has a great family. Life is great. That is until Harry finds out something that will change his life forever.
"You have a twin."
How will the world react to the news? Will one of Harry's' best lads fall harder then he ever thought he would? Can Riley really be then one that will take the world by surprise? Will Simon fall in love finally? Is the past going to come back and haunt Riley and mess up her new love? Will Niall fall in love finally and find his princess? Can Harry finally realize what love is?
"After all this is Angel Twin we are talking about..."


1. Prolugue

3rd person's P.O.V

It was February 1st . Claire was standing by her sisters side holding her hand. It was getting close to the time for the babies to arrive.

"Claire?" Anne hoarse voice ringed through her ears. She looked at her older sister and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Dez had this sad look in his eyes, then turned away from Claire.

"What's wrong Anne?" Anne took Claires hand and hold it tightly.

"We can't handle three kids please take one of our twins." Anne said knowing it was the hardest thing to say at the moment. Claire looked at her older sister in shock and disbilief on what her sister was telling her. Anne looked at her sister close to the eyes.

" Please Claire I know you will do a woderful job on raising it. Please Clairebear." Claire then nodded her head.

"  i will take the last twin born. You and Dez can have the other. But Anne?" Anne looked at her sister through the pain she was having because it was almost time to give birth.

"Yes?" Claire knew what she was going to say had to be done. If this baby was going to be hers, she needed it to work.

" i dont want ot be part of your life anymore. I dont want my child to be around the two people who gave it to me rightfully and cruelly" Anne looked at Dez and he just nodded, but sadness covering him deep down. Anne couldn't believe she will no longer have her babysister. The girl she had watched grow all her life. She will no longer talk to her or hear her voice. See what she becomes in life. All Anne could was nod her head, even though it pain her to. Minutes later Anneis ready to give birth.

"Rosie may I speak to you quickly?" Anne said in pain, but she needed to make sure she does not see the second child, or it will pain her forever.

"Go ahead, dear" The mid wife, Roise said.  Anne took a deep breath, then felt tears been held back.

"The second child, I don't want to see it. Take it away from my sight. Give it to my sister Claire. She will be taking care of it." The mid wife was schocked, but knew this was the parents decision not hers. Of course she agreed, what else could she do to change their minds. Then Anne was instructed to do the same thing she did in her first birth to her daughter -Gemma-. Miutes later the baby was out.

"Congrats Anne and Des, it's a boy!" Anne was happy but felt the same pain. Claire let her hand go and Des held Anne hand as she pushes. Two minutes later the second baby was out and rushed out of Anne's sight. Tears fell from her eyes with Des as they heard the babies cry, but then one left the room. Just one cry was heard now.

"Ma'am are you coming?" The mid wife asked Claire. She nodded. She looked at her older sister for the last time in life possibly. Anne was handed her baby boy.

" Thank you Anne and Des. I hope your life with Gemma and you baby boy is filled with joy. Goodbye dear sister of mine forever."  Claire kissed her cheek for the last time, while tears ran down Anne's cheek uncontrollably. While she held her baby boy close to her tightly.

" Goodbye dear sister, I love you Claire" Anne whispered to herself as her son was in her hold. Claire then walked by the nurse followed as they went to another hallway and room. When Claire walked in the other room, nurses were gawking at the baby now forever.

" You ma'am have the most beutifulest baby I have ever seen!" A nurse said, then Claire saw she meant. The baby was perfect. She knew Anne and Des would have to live with regret forever in their life. 

" It's a girl" The mid wife said smiling on the doorway. Claire looked at the little girl laying in her arms now. But couldnt help to know the name for the little girl. But what Claire and Anne didn't know was that they named the twims at the same time.

"Harold Edward Styles"

"Riley Ella Styles"

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