Undiscovered Origins

A young woman is a slave to a traveling circus. She is the hula hoop performer and is quite the dancer with it. She wishes nothing more than for a handsome knight in shining armor to take her away, although she stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. A fire breather joins the circus with them, and she instantly feels attraction for him. They spend time together and she begins to fall for him, but he isn't the man he seems. She witnesses a murder that he seems to commit, and suddenly she finds herself as his prisoner. The most frightful thing of all is the fact that he doesn't seem to be human at all.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

            Whispers in the dark startled Jade’s sleep and she tossed and turned in her worn mattress. The desire to rest escaped her and she rose to her feet looking for a torn robe to cover herself. The room was dark if it could even be considered a room. She lived in the corner of the large tent where all the costumes hung. It wasn’t the most thrilling place to be, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. This was her prison and she only wished she had a knight in shining armor to come rescue her. A prince would suffice and would often come visit her in her dreams, but she found out dreams are far from reality at a young age. She didn’t know her parents and the closest thing she had to one is the man whom she served.

            She quietly walked through the exotic costumes clutching her red robes together to avoid being exposed. Bra and undergarments was the last thing she wanted her master to stumble upon her wearing. She already gave him everything he wanted, and she sure didn’t want to add to that list. Especially with the leftover lingerie she had to wear that was often torn or stretched out from larger performers. Being only sixteen years old her feminine features hadn’t fully developed yet and so while most performers had larger chests hers was still quite small.

            The whispering voices only seemed to get louder and harsher the closer she got to them. They were coming from outside the large crimson stained tent. She felt uneasy as she neared the exit and listened in. It felt wrong, but it was the only way she ever knew what was going on. It was how she found out for the first time that they were going to use her as a performer. It became clear why her master had been training various acts to her since a young age. Now it seemed like she didn’t know a life outside of the ring.

            “We need Jade to be on her best behavior tomorrow night. We can’t have her dropping any hoops.” A harsh voice said.

            Inside the tent Jade cringed at the mention of her name. The voice came from the owner of the circus, her master. She didn’t much like the man as he was cruel in his methods of training her. Often it ended in her being whipped by the same whips that they used on the animals. It wasn’t like anything could be done about it, and she dared not tell anyone. The consequences could be even worse than a whipping and she dared not think of such things.

            “I will make sure she practices extra hard tomorrow morning. There will not be any mistakes.” A soft voice confirmed.

            This voice relaxed her slightly as she recognized her friend Autumn. Autumn was born to be in a circus and the traveling didn’t bother her. She also wasn’t treated in the same way that Jade was, although that was because Autumn had a family in the circus and she traveled with them. She was a year older than Jade and the closest thing Jade ever had to a friend. Sometimes Autumn would convince her family to invite Jade over for dinner and it was one of the rare times Jade was able to eat. Her master didn’t want her to eat as the increase of weight would be damaging to her act and his profit.

            The traveling circus consisted of many different talents, ranging from lion tamers, gymnasts, ventriloquists, magicians, antipodists, jugulars, cyclists, and hula hoops. That was what Jade was classified as, a hula hoop artist. She was able to do all kinds of things with a hula hoop ranging from dancing with one and all kinds of exotic tricks and dances. The hula hoop she was the best with was made of the finest cedar. It was considered strange as most were made of grapevine, willow, or rattan. She had tried each material but the crafted wood seemed to give her the most controlled balance.

            “You better make sure or I will make sure next time she will make no such mistake.” The man growled.

            With that Jade cringed and held herself tight - closing her eyes. The memories flashed back from the last beating he gave her. It left scars all across her back and she was banned from acts until her scars healed. With the clothing she had to wear for the acts it would be too noticeable for her to have scars. Most of the clothes were lightweight or skimpy as she had to have more skin of her figure to help balance the hula hoop. She also knew it was because of the men in the audience that liked seeing the skin, but that thought she didn’t like coming to terms with. After all she was only sixteen years old, and even though it was perfectly legal to marry at 12 she didn’t think anybody would ever choose her. She spent a lot of her life only hoping for someone to take her away. Instead she just gets gawked at by the men of the audiences, but never talked to.

            The sound of fading footsteps echoed in her head and she shivered. He was finally leaving and the racing of her heart was finally able to steady. She still stood silently until someone coming through the entrance collided with her and they both tumbled to the ground.

            With her balance lost she wasn’t able to keep ahold of the torn robe and it ripped even more tearing her bra in the process. She quickly scrambled to her feet, noticing it was Autumn, who had come in but she still did her best to hide her figure because of the mismatched clothes she wore. It didn’t fit well with her that she didn’t match but it was the best she could do with what she was given.

            “Jade, oh Jade, did you hear everything?” Autumn asked as she got to her feet.

            Autumn, a tall beautiful blond with ocean blue eyes and the glitters of sunset across her long eyelashes, came towards her with a snake’s embrace.  Jade remained jealous of her long legs and shimmering eyes that had been no doubt the topic of the many boys she’d met. Jade often wished she got as much recognition as Autumn attracted, but she also never considered herself eye-catching. Autumn always denied her claims and defined her that of untouched beauty and while not everybody saw it, her allure shined beyond any others. It was this and how nice she was that Jade loved about the girl. Autumn kept her positive and always helped her through the tough times.

            “Not everything. Only the last of it.” Jade replied.

            “Someone important is coming. The person who decides which way our tour will go. They are even pushing me to do hard jumps.” Autumn said.

            Autumn was an acrobatic, performing on high wires from leaping to swinging. She had to be perfect with every move she executed because of how far down the drop was. Often she practiced inside at safer distances but there was no room for mistakes in her performances. She often did it with her family.

            “What is he wanting me to do?” Jade asked.

            “What you always do, hula hoop… but…” Autumn stumbled.

            “What Autumn?” She asked anxiously.

            “He wants you to perform while on a trampoline.” Autumn glared.

            “I’ve never done that in the arena!” Jade exclaimed.

            “He’s seen you practice it and he wants it perfected by tomorrow night.” Autumn said. 

            “Oh my.” Jade whispered.

            “Word is he’s even brought a fire breather to heat up the performance.” Autumn said.

            “I hope his fire will take some of the heat off of me.” Jade whispered.

            “As do I.” Autumn embraced her friend.

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