Those London Nights // (Niall Horan)

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2. Chapter 2

Sorry I keep deleting chapters! I just feel that I'm a really suckish writer. On my old Movella's account, I got like reads and likes in the K's. It was awesome! But on here? Everybody's like....dead. But my favorite person on here is @gottalove1dxx. She's so amazing and friendly!

But anyways, here's the new second chapter!


-Niall's POV-

When Scarlett collapsed in my arms, I knew she was unconscious. She was just like the old me. Whenever there was a situation I couldn't handle, I'd have a panic attack and faint. But Scarlett was in a deep sleep, and I? Well I was dead meat. If Louis or Liam, or any of the boys for that sake, found out about this, they'd kill me. I sighed after a while and slung her small frame over my shoulder and walked out to my car. I pressed a button on my custom remote and the car roared to life, the heaters blasting, soft music playing in the background and the seats heating up. It was pretty chilly outside for being the end of summer. That's usually the hottest times. It was only August though. I laid Scarlett down across the backseat of my car and hopped in the drivers side before pulling out of the car park and heading home. My SUV's tires crunched against the gravel in the driveway and hopefully the boys hadn't stirred any. I carried Scar upstairs at an inhuman speed and stripped her of her clothing, slipping her into one of my t shirts afterwards. I let her alone, putting a cold rag on her forehead before retreating to the living room. 

"Goodnight." I whispered to Scar before leaving. 


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