My little butterfly girl

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85. Section 4, ch 85

Sehuns pov 

Me and Chen sat back stage waiting to go on 

I looked out and seen tons of people, there weren't any people on stage yet but I could see simon, Demi, ren and young jae sitting in there seats.

"This is so scary" I said to Chen 

"It's not really tha- whoa" he said looking out 

I looked around at the other people, most of them where waiting or talking to there parents, or just on there phones.

It was starting and the host walked on stage. 

People walked up to us and passed us mics as the opened the curtain so we could walk out

I followed Chen on to the stage and stood next to him

"What's your name?" Simon asked 

"I'm sehun" I said 

"I'm Chen" Chen said 

"Are you ready?" Demi asked 

We nodded as music started to play

I started of then Chen picked up a little wile later. We stopped and stood  in front of the judges again.

"Wow" ren begun "you both have very powerful voices, I really liked it"

"It was really good I agree with you there ren, but it's kinda boring when you just stand around....."

"We can dance also" I said 

"Can I see? Demi asked 

I nodded and looked at Chen nodding.

We set our mics down and did a random dance routine

Demi clapped and smiled "ah, we'll have to merge those together" she said 

"I really like it, I being a singer myself" young jae begun "Chen has a very soothing voice, and so do you sehun. But I think you could try rapping to, you seem multi talented" he said 

I smiled "thank you"

I looked at Simon 

"I...." He said 

My heart raced loudly and I could tell Chen was nervous to 

"I think, you two have what it takes" Simon said "I'm saying yes" 

"I'm saying yes" ren said 

"Yes" Demi said

I looked at young jae, he seemed like he was thinking really hard "yes" he said 

"Thank you" I said 

Me and Chen walked off stage

"Oh my gosh that was so stress full" Chen said sitting back

I nodded and watched the next group

They where really really good, how would we beat them in the next round?

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