My little butterfly girl

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82. Section 4, ch 82

Sehuns pov

Mom and dad where gone to china, so dad left dong hoon in charge of me, and Chen on Halloween.

I sat on my bed and my cat walked in 

"OMG it's rubix" Chen said, the cat hissed at him "geez, sassy cat" Chen said 

I laughed and rubix jumped up on two my bed and curled up into a little ball.

She was about the size of my hand, that's as big as she was going to get.

I poke her back and she jumped up running out if the room.

"Crazy crazy cat, will your its that explainable" Chen said 

I rolled my eyes and picked up my gutiar

"Which song?" Chen asked

"Baby don't cry, it's on page two of the book" I said 

Chen nodded and started to read the lyrics "it's such a beautiful song...." Chen said 

At the moment dong hoon was gone to get qri.

I sighed and looked out my window 

"Whoa......" I said 

"What?" Chen asked 

I pointed to the huge eclipse forming in the sky 

"Whoa..." Chen said 

I kept watching as some one grabbed me from behind

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