My little butterfly girl

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77. Section 3, ch 77

Dong hoons pov (again)

I couldn't ren we anything from the past hour.

The two jocks stood in front of me.

All at one time they both started beating me up

One grabbed the pill bottle out of my pocket and looked at the label 

"Looks like you won't need these" he said drop kicking them

"No!" I yelled 

"It doesn't matter anyway, waste of space" one said 

"No one cares about you" the other said 

All I could think about was umma appa qir and sehun

One of them picked me up by my shirt throwing me across the parking lot 

The other pulled me up by my jacket punching me 

My vision started to go blurry 

The two guys kept kicking and punching me 

"Dong hoon!" Qri yelled 

I turned my head to face the direction she was in

The two jocks ran off as she rushed over to me 

"Dong hoon" she said holding my hand to her face

"Qri...." I begun "I have to tell you something important" I said 

"What is it?" She asked 

I hesitated but looked her in the eyes "I love you....." I said before passing out

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