My little butterfly girl

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71. Section 3, ch 71

Dong hoon's pov 

I walked out side and sat on the bench out side of our house.

I took my pills and looked out at the other people walking down the streets of Seoul 

I sighed and looked down 

"Hello" some one said 

I looked up and seen a girl standing on the other side of the fence, she had long brown hair with a head band around her forehead, she had creamy colour skin and pale blue eyes that where almost a greyish colour 

I waved at her "hi"

"I seen you at school today, your new right?" She asked 

I nodded "yeah"

"I am qri" she said 

"I'm donghoon" I said 

She smiled "would you like to walk with  me?" She asked 

"Where are you going?" I asked 

"For a walk on the beach" she said 

I nodded and stood up oping the latch on the gate.

I walked out and stood next to her as we started walking.

"How do you find school So far?" She asked 

"It's not the best" I said 

"Would you like to walk to class with me tomorrow" she asked 

"Sure" I said 

She smiled as we walked to a path that lead to the beach 

"Have you ever been here before?" She asked 

"When I was very little" I said 

"It's beautiful isn't?" She asked 

I nodded not really sure of a response to that question.

We spent at least a hour on the beach.

It was  nice although there was a slight breeze of wind.

When we left I walked home and went I side.

Umma was watching TV with appa  and by my guess sehun Was in bed 

I walked up to my room taking my injection I felt ill a wile later, it felt like the injection took All the life out off me.

I laid back and as soon as my face hit the pillow I was in a deep sleep

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