My little butterfly girl

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65. Section 3, ch 65

Zelos pov 

Me and young guk walked up the steps to Brittany's house 

I wanted to meet this new nephew and young guk really wanted to meet brittany and luhan

I knocked on the door and luhan answered "hey" he said

"Hi luhan" I said 

Young guk bowed "hello" he said 

"Come in" luhan said moving out of the way 

Me and young guk walked in and sehun rushed over and hugged my leg "uncle zelo!!" He said 

I smiled "hey buddy" I said ruffling his hair 

He lifted up his arms "up?" He said 

I picked him up and sat next to brittany on the couch was luhan sat in one arm chair and young guk sat in the other 

Brittany waved at young guk "hi, you must be young guk" she said 

He nodded "yeah, you must be brittany" 

She nodded "it's nice to finally meet you" she said 

"you to" he said 

Brittany turned and looked at me 

"So who is my new nephew?" I asked 

"Dong hoon, and he's tall and he doesn't speak much, but I love him any way" sehun said 

I chuckled and looked at brittany who was smiling 

"You certainly love your brother don't you" brittany said

Sehun nodded "yes seraghae!" He said 

Brittany looked at me "he's on the back bridge" 

I nodded and put sehun on to young guks lap 

Sehun hugged looked at young guk then hugged him "hi!" He said 

"Hi" young guk said 

I walked out to the back bridged where  a young boy was sitting drawing the view of mountains. 

"Hello" I said 

He looked at me "hi" he said 

"You must be dong hoon, I'm zelo. Your uncle" I said 

"Nice to meet you" he said 

He seemed to be in pain as he tried to bring his pencil across the paper.

He took a bottle of pills out of his pocket he slipped two into his mouth and sat back

I just sat there in shock

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