My little butterfly girl

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64. Section 3, ch 64

Her pov

It's been a couple days sense dong hoon has been here, dong hoon would usually sit for hours on the front steps drawing the things he could see, today was the start of cherry blossom seson, I looked out at him drawing a cherry blossom in the front lawn.

He would be starting school tomorrow and lets just say, I was very very nervous.

He was still learning proper English sense he is from Korea. I was scared of what might happen, luhan already told me why he was the way he was. I was scared of that to.

He seemed like he was fine now, luhan also told me they put him on pills and injections to keep him from craving alcohol and drugs. It made me feel very sorry for him, he consumes up to 6 pills and a injection a day

I sighed and walked away from the room, I looked at sehun, he was watching cartoons wile luhan was cooking diner.

I walked over to sehun and sat down "hey buddy!" I said 

"Hi mommy" he said 

I smiled "what do you think about your new brother?" I asked him 

He nodded "he is awesome!"

I smiled as dong hoon walked back inside 

"Hi" I said 

"Hey" he said quietly

"Everything okay?" I asked 

He nodded and sat at the table flicking through the pages of his note book.

"Remember to take your injection" i said 

He nodded and walked into the kitchen.

Sehun looked at me "what's a injection?" He asked 

"It's a needle" I said 

"I don't like needles" he said 

"I know you don't buddy" I said

"Why does he have to take the injection?" He asked 

"It's complicated" I said 

He nodded "will I hope he gets better very fast" 

I wanted to agree but I knew he wasn't going to get better anytime soon

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