My little butterfly girl

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63. Section 3, ch 63

Lee dong hoon's pov

~flash back~

13 and curios was what I was, I remember sitting on the window bench in my room looking out over a gang that sometimes met up  behind the hotel.

My sister walked in and looked at me "what's wrong dong hoon?" She asked 

"Get out of my room Sadie" I said 

"Not till you tell me what's wrong" she said 

"Nothing is wrong now go away!" I said pushing her out of my room and locking the door

I tossed my pillow off the bed to a pack a cigarettes and a lighter

I put one in my mouth and lit it. 

It wasn't usual that id do something like this, I was usually the good kid, the quite one. This week was different. I craved the way cigarettes tasted.

I listened to the door close and I pulled out my older brothers  ID he looks exactly like me and they check your ID so now I can bye some alcohol.

I walked down to the liquor store and got two bottles of sujo and some other stuff.

She asked for my ID and I passed it to her 

"Seems all good" she said 

I paid her and walked out, I got so far and stopped to put the alcohol in my back pack.

"Hey donghoon!" Some one said 

I looked up and seen Nicole, she was as perky as she was annoying.

"I just seen you come out of the liquor store, can I have a bottle?" She asked 

"No" I said 

"I'll tell on you" she said 

I hated when she did that. I sighed and opened up my back pack passing her a bottle of lams

"Thank you!" She said walking away

I put my back pack back on my back and walked up the steps to my house.

No one was home but I still went to my room and locked the door. I wasn't going to take chances.

I opened a bottle of sujo and drank some out of the bottle. It tasted sooo good so I kept drinking more.

I heard a pounding at my room door "lee dong hoon open this door at once!" My mother called out 

My eyes got wide as I put every thing in my closet "just a minute!" I said 

She knock again and I opened the door.

"I smell alcohol" she said 

I looked over at my closet.

Mom marched over and opened the closet doors.

She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room.

"Let me go!" I yelled 

She dragged me down stairs and brought me to the car "get in!" She said 

I nodded and got in she did to and she drove me all the way to the other side of town and left me there. 

"Never come back!" She yelled

I sat there wondering what will happen to me next, I sighed and walked to the closets liquor store. I bought another bottle of sujo and sat back into the same spot, it was then I decided I was done with life. I opened the lid and chugged the full thing down in one go.

It gave me this sudden rush that made me feel great, after a bit it made me feel dizzy and tired.

I passed out and when I opened my eyes again, I realized I was at a foster home.

Before I knew it I was at the place where I am right now, a new start at a new home.

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