My little butterfly girl

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59. Section 3, ch 59

Zelos pov (again)

The doctor did all sorts of stuff but still nothing worked 

He took x-rays and came back 

He told me I would have to get nose surgery right away 

I felt.....nervous, sick, scared 

Himchan must have noticed cause he  came over and patted my shoulder "don't worry" he said 

For some reason when he said it, it made me feel much better about everything but in the pit of my stomach I was still very very nervous 

Yong guk burst in and rushed over to me 

"Are you okay!" He said 

I nodded slightly but inside I knew I wasn't, I knew that I wasn't ready for this.

The doctor came in and asked himchan and yong guk to leave so i could get my surgery 

Blood poured down my face as the doctor turned on a light and put me to sleep 


I woke up hours later, I could not feel part of my face

The others came in standing around me.

I felt so tired, so tired that I would collapse 

Himchan put his hand on my forehead "he's burning up!" Himchan said pulling his hand away 

"Are you okay ?" Jong up asked 

"Yeah" I said my voice was low and raspy.

"Let your voice rest" himchan said

After we got home I laid in bed.

Himchan would check on me ever so often, yong guk would to.

After a little wile I fell into a deep sleep

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