My little butterfly girl

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56. Section 3, ch 56

Zelos pov

Me and the others where eating supper at this time, it was at least 8:30, but we where all very busy at the studio

"The other night" yong guk begun "you where all having a conversation in your sleep" he said

We laughed 

"Seriously?? What where we saying?" Young jae asked

"Will, zelo said 'what time is it' young jae said '7:00' when it was really 12:30 Jong up must have been dreaming cause he said 'I love you Ashley' himchan said 'I love you to Robert' then zelo said 'shut up your hurting my ears and every one went quite until young jae sat up and said 'will tell your years to go on mute'"

We all laughed "I can't remember any of that" Jong up said "I can't believe I called himchan Ashley" he said 

I laughed "where we really that tired?" 

"We must have been" young jae said

I laughed and continued eating 

"You are a very good cook himchan" Jong up said

We where eating ramen and kimchi, and it was the best food I have ever eaten 

"We meet up with chunji tomorrow" I said 

"I can't wait" young jae said

"The lyrics are wrote for daehyun" himchan said with a smile

I smiled to it was something that made me feel like daehyun was still hear, it also made me feel that I knew daehyun was happy, that he was glade we where living his dream for him

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