My little butterfly girl

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50. Section 3, ch -50-

Zelos pov

I begun to walk to Brittany's house, lay came to sense he was lonely. Wouldn't blame the poor guy, he has nobody now sense tao died.

He walked with me quietly, I was not really sure what to expect, I was so confused about everything, you seriously miss a lot  when you have been gone for so long.

"So, lay how have you been doing hyung" I said

He looked at me surprisingly, maybe cause I called him hyung? 

"I'm pretty good....... How are you?" He asked me 

"I'm little shocked" I said

"Why?" He asked

"My sister is only 19 and she has a kid" I said

"It's a adopted 5 year old" lay said 

"And she didnt tell me that?" I said 

"Will, now you know" lay said.

We walked up the steps and I knocked on the door 

Brittany came and opened the door "LAY!" She yelled and hugged him, lays eyes got very wide but he hugged back 

She looked at me and hugged me to "how have you guys been?" She asked 

"I have been to a funereal and I have been worried about young guk's stove" I said

Lay laughed 

"I'm not gonna ask" brittany said as she lead us inside

"Where's luhan?" I asked her

"With sehun" I said

I'm just guessing my 'nephew' is named sehun 

Luhan walked downstairs with sehun (i think) following behind him 

Luhan sat next to me and sehun hugged my leg "hello!" He said "hi" I said 

"How are you?" He asked 

"I'm good, and you?" I asked 

"I'm good!" He said 

I smiled "what's your name?" 

"I'm sehun!" He said  

"I'm zelo" I said 

He thought "I like that name!" He said 

Luhan chuckled. "Sehun this is your uncle" he said 

Sehun smiled "uncle zelo"  he said 

My heart started to beat fast. I felt warm and fuzzy on the inside, what is going on?

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