My little butterfly girl

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47. Section 3, ch 47

Luhan's pov

The lights came back on and I held my cheek looking at brittany "why did you hit me?!" I asked 

She covered her mouth and hugged me "I'm so so so so so so sorry luhan" she said 

"It's fine" I said taking my hand away from my face

"What are you doing home so early?" She asked 

"I got sent home" I said 

She nodded and took my hand "lets go to bed, I'm tired" she said 

I nodded and followed her upstairs 

We lay in bed and cuddled into each other.

"I'm excited about getting a kid" she said

I smiled "me to" I said 

"What happens when you adopt a child?" She asked 

"Well there's a certain time each day where the kids will go to certain room and people well come in and talk to the kids, when you find the kid you want to adopt you go to the front desk and fill out papers" I said 

She nodded 

"Most of the kids are very mean, some don't get adopted all there life. By the time you become 18 your forced to move out on your own" I said 

She frowned "that's pretty sad" she said 

I nodded "yeah, it is" 

By the time the next day came we where already in the car on the way to the adoption centre.

"Would you a like a boy or girl?" Brittany asked 

"I don't really care, but if I had to chose id like a boy" I said 

She nodded "me to, what age do you want him to be?" She asked

"5 or 6" I said 

She nodded as we got there.

The building was fairly big with lots of windows, you could see some kids looking out of the windows I waved at them and they waved back.

Brittany smiled as we walked in side.

We talked to some kids but one stood out, he was sitting in the corner reading a book, I walked over him and kneeled down next to him

"Hey" I said 

He looked up at me nervously "hi" he said 

"What are you doing over here?" I asked him.

"Hiding for the other kids" he said 

"Why?" I asked him

"They pick on me" he said 

I frowned "what's your name?" I asked him 

"I'm sehun, and I am 5" he said holding up 5 fingers

I smiled "my name is luhan" I said 

Brittany walked over to us "hi" she said looking at sehun 

Sehun waved slightly "this is sehun" I said 

"Hi sehun, I am brittany" she said 

He smiled "it's very nice to meet you"
he said

I looked at brittany and nodded, she nodded to and we both stood up "will be right back" I said he nodded  as me and brittany walked away 

"He's so adorable!" Brittany said 

I chuckled as we walked to the front desk and signed the papers. 

We followed the lady back out to sehun who was still reading his book "go pack your things sehun" the lady said 

He stood up and looked at her "why?" He asked 

"These people want to adopt you" she said 

He looked at us and hugged my leg "thank you!" He said 

"Your very welcome" I said 

Sehun walked up to his room and packed his stuff joining us by the doors later. 

And that's how we got out first son, sehun

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