My little butterfly girl

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46. Section 3 ch 46

Zelos pov 

I sat up into the darkness with young guk and young jae, "so what was the emergency?" I asked 

"My oven is broke" young guk said 

"That's it?" I asked 

"I don't know if you noticed but the power is out to" young guk said 

"Yeah, we noticed" young jae said

"Are you serious, I worried over your stove" I said 

"That's cause it was an emergency" young guk said 

"There's some thing called a microwave!" Young jae said

"Oven takes up less time" he said 

"Then get take out" I said 

"Anyone know how to fix a oven?" Young guk asked 

"No!" Me and young jae said 

"Fine,let me starve" young guk said 

I took a kimbap out of my coat pocket and threw it at him "here"

"Ooo thank you" young guk said 

The power came back on and it was just now I learned I was turned into the wall and young jae was hugging my arm "may I help you?" I asked 

He pulled away "I did not do that" he said

"You interrupted us playing GTA 5" young jae said

"Oh my gosh, sorry" young guk said 

"It's alright" I said as I turned to face them 

"What do we do know?" I asked 

Young jae shrugged "can I have a kimbap?" He asked 

I took another out of my  pocket and passed it to him

"God bless you" young jae said 

I laughed as himchan and Jong up walked into the room 

"They beat us here again" Jong up said 

"How do you get here so fast?" Himchan asked 

"We where here for three hours" I said 

"Young guks stove is broke" young jae said 

Himchan looked at young guk "are you serous!" 

Jong up sat next to me and hugged me "the child is okay don't worry people" he said 

Himchan sat down to 

"At least one child it" young guk said quietly

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