My little butterfly girl

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45. Section 3 ch 45

Her pov 

I laid down and listened to the rain. Luhan was gone to work and I didn't have anything to do.

"Hello?" Some one called out 

I walked downstairs slowly to some guy with brown hair he was dripping wet, "I'm sorry, I was knocking for 5 minutes" he said 

"It's fine" I said 

"Is luhan?" He asked 

"What?" I asked

"Luhan, is" He asked 

I shook my head "he's at work, did you need something?" 

"No, I actually just stopped by to give him this" he said taking a packet out of his jacket and passing it to me.

"Thanks" I said 

He smiled "your very welcome" he said walking out the door.

I watched him run down the road. I sighed and sat back.

I looked at the packet, luhan kyungsoo was wrote out in very fancy writing.

I opened it and pulled out a sheet of paper.

It was a letter from a girl I was guessing sense the hand writing was very neat. I read through it "your sister park bom" I said 

I sighed and put the paper back in the packet, she's very desperate to find him I thought.
Thunder started to boom in the sky and I put my knees to my chest "no... Not thunder"

The power flickered out and I was left sitting there 

I heard the door open and close.

I got up, I was scared to death.

Some one grabbed my hand and I pulled away smacking them "ow! What was that for?" Some one said

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