My little butterfly girl

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42. Section 3, ch 42

Her pov 

I picked up the phone to call lay to see if he knew anything about tao going missing.

"Hello?" He said 

"Hey lay, I wanted to ask you something" I said 

"What's that?" He asked 

"I wanted to know if you knew anything about tao going missing" I said

"Britt" he said 

"Yeah lay"

"He died, they found his body at the bottom of a well this morning..." Lay said, it was easy to tell he was going to cry, his voice got very crackly 

"W-what?" I asked 

"I can't repeat it..." Lay said 

I felt tears in my eyes "lay, can I call you back?" I asked 

"Yes anytime." He said 

"Okay thanks, bye" I said hanging up

I took a breathe as I leaned back "why Tao" I said covering my face.

Luhan sat next to me wrapping his arms around me, I hugged him tightly and cried into his chests he rubbed my back "it's gonna be okay" luhan said 

I nodded slightly as I looked up a luhan. 

He smiled gently, this dude always knew how to make me feel better.

I rested my head on his shoulder "luhan?" I asked 

"Yes butterfly" luhan replied 

"I love you" I said

He smiled "I love you to butterfly, more then you'll ever know" luhan said 

A smile grew across my face "you always have the sweetest things to say" i said smiling at luhan 

He smiled back "anything for my little butterfly" he said

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