My little butterfly girl

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41. Section 3 ch 41

Zelos pov 

I woke up and realized today was the day of daehyuns funeral. I frowned and put on some black cloths as I walked downstairs and out the door.

I walked to the church where the others where going to be. So far it was only me and himchan.

We stayed quiet and didnt make a sound till the others came 

"It doesn't feel right with daehyun not here" himchan said looking down.

"It's starting now" young guk said

We followed him and sat down as the minister spoke a few words.

"Now zelo Strickland for a speech"  my clapped but then stopped "wait what" 

"You have to give a speech" himchan said

I gulped, dear god I though as I walked up to the micro phone.

I adjusted it to match my height and I looked around at all the eyes staring at me.

"Umm, thank you all for being here today" I begun "in honer of daehyun" I sighed "daehyun was a very good friend of mine.....he was a very good friend to all of us. He was quite and I just can't believe I am standing here today sending this speech, he's only 19" I said "so, daehyun have a very safe trip to heaven and let god lead your way. Rest in peace" I said looking at daehyun in his casket before I walked off stage 

The crowd clapped and I looked over at himchan who was crying and young guk who was covering him 

Himchan gave me a hug "that was so beautiful" he said 

By the time it was over we stayed and watched his casket get buried. I let a few tears fall from my eyes, daehyun was my closet Friend.....

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