My little butterfly girl

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40. Section 2, ch 40

Zelos pov 

Me and chunji where at the airport, we both where going to Seoul. He really wanted to come with me so I let him.

We got onto the plane and the plane took off

"This is exciting!" Chunji said "I never been anywhere else in Korea besides busan, it's also very exciting that I get a new family" he said 

I chuckled "we have a step sister named brittany, she doesn't live with us though" I said 

"She moved out?" Chunji asked

I nodded "I will still introduce you to her" I said

He clapped "sounds great" he said.

"I can also introduce you to my friends" I said 

"Are they a gang?" Chunji asked

I nodded "yeah"

"This is even more awesome then I thought!" He said.

I laughed "you can meet Brittany's boyfriend if you want to" 

He nodded "I would like to him"

I smiled and looked out the window, chunji was so friendly he'll be friends with anyone 

Chunji put headphones on his head and sat back 

When we finally got back mom welcomed us home.

She seemed pretty cool on having chunji into the family 

I showed chunji to his room and he smiled "this is such a huge room!" He said 

I nodded as my phone rung, it was young guk
I put my phone to my ear "hello?" 

"Z I have bad news, daehyun is dead!" He said 

My jaw drop and I felt like I was going to cry but I held it back "h-how?" I asked

"He got shot" young guk said 

I looked at chunji "ill be right back" I said walking out and closing the door "who shot him" 

"No one it was a stray bullet" he said

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