My little butterfly girl

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32. Section 2, ch -32

Zelos pov 

I woke up and walked downstairs, mom was at work, brittany lives out on her own. All alone again I thought.

I hate being alone.

There was a knock on the door so I walked over and opened it.

There standing in a suit was my step father "dad!" I said and hugged him.

He smiled and hugged back "hey buddy" he said 

"Why did you come back?" I asked him.

"You see I know that I have made a huge mistake when I looked through pictures the other day and realized that you have grown up and moved on, I'm very sorry" he said 

"It doesn't matter" I said

"Speaking of growing up, look how freaking tall you have gotten!" He said 

I chuckled "yeah I know" I said 

He smiled and we sat on the couch "so, where's your sister?" He asked 

"She's gone" I said 

"Where?" He asked 

"She moved out" I said.

"By herself?" He asked 

I shook my head "no"

"Then with who?!" He asked 

"Her boyfriend" I said

He nodded "I gotta meet him" 

"No need he's a really good guy" I said 

"I still wanna meet him" he said 

"He's in the war at the moment so you'll have to wait a bit" I said

"In the war?" He said 

"Yeah, she's very worried about him"

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