My little butterfly girl

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31. Section 2, ch -31-

Luhan's pov 

"Are you eyeballing me maggot" Sargent said to tao.

"Sir no sir!" Tao said looking forward.

He looked over at me "I see we have a new new here this year. Do I scare you maggot?" 

"Sir no sir!" I said

"Well I should better well scare you, listen here son I am your worst night mare do you understand me?" He yelled 

"Sir yes sir!" I said 

He turned on heel and walked out shutting the door behind him.

Tao sat on his bed and sighed "I don't want to be here, I have to fight for my country though" he said lying down.

"Yeah, I know how it feels. Tao, who else is supposed to be here?" I asked 

"Two guys named N and Ravi, there possibly not here yet" he said 

I nodded and watched the sun set "what's tomorrow?" I asked 

"Shooting" tao said "do you know how to use a gun properly?" 

I nodded "yeah, I do" 

The door opened and two guys walked in "sup I'm Ravi" one said.

"I'm N" the other one said

"I'm luhan" I said 

"I'm tao" tao said sitting up.

N sat down and looked at tao "hey your that dude I seen on you tube!" He said 

Tao nodded "yup" he said 

"We better get in bed, before Sargent gets back" Ravi said 

We all got in bed but I just lid there thinking about brittany, it's painful not being able to see her for a year.

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