My little butterfly girl

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27. Section 2 ch 27

Zelos pov 

I woke up in a hospital, I looked around but seen no one. Why was I here? 

I took out my phone and tried to call brittany "please answer, please answer. I really need you right now brittany" I said. It went straight to voice mail and I put my phone down as 4 guys walked in. I studied them hard then realized it was youngjae,daehyun,Jong up and young guk.

"Hey guys" I said 

They waved and sat around me "what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing really" daehyun said.

I looked at them seeing that they all looked pretty sad.

"What's wrong, where's himchan?!" I said 

"Calm down he's at home" young guk said 

I sighed in relief as young guk got up "I guess I should go check on him, Jong up you can come with me daehyun, young jae. Stay with zelo" 

They nodded as Jong up and young guk walked out.

I picked up my phone again and tried to call brittany but still no answer. Tears stung In my eyes, why is when I need her most she's never there to help me?

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