My little butterfly girl

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21. Section 2, ch 21

Zelo's pov 

I was walking down to the place me and the others always met up. As always they where standing around waiting for me. I walked over and stood next to daehyun.

"Z finally made it" himchan said looking at me.

"I'm sorry it took so long" I said

"Don't worry about it" young guk said.

We stood for a bit talking about random stuff as another gang came over.

"This our spot now scram" one said 

"Well find a different spot" young guk said.

"Don't tell me what to do!" He yelled

"Listen dude I don't know who you think you are but I know one thing. You don't own a god damn side of the road" young guk said.

"I didn't want to have to do this" he said, with that he took out a gun pointing it towards me. He put his finger on the trigger and pulled it. Before it hit me, himchan stood in front of it hitting him directly in the chest.

"Himchan!" Young guk yelled. 

Himchan dropped to his knees and collapsed to the ground.

I could see young guk was angry, he walked up to the guy and knocked him out with a single punch, the others ran away fast.

 My eyes got wide as I looked around at the others. Daehyun took out his phone and called the ambulance. In a wile red flashing lights came and so did the sound of sirens, I just hope it's not to late...........

Young guk got into the back of the ambulance and me daehyun Jong up and youngjae went in daehyuns car.

My face was pale and I felt sick to my stomach. 

Jongup looked at me with concern "are you okay?" He asked putting a hand on my forehead.

I nodded slightly as youngjae turned around and looked at us "sorry you had to see that zelo, don't worry though. Himchan well be okay..... I promise"

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