My little butterfly girl

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7. Ch 7

Her pov 

It was after school and me and luhan where walking home, it was a hot day and the sun was shining down on us. 

"LUHAN!" Some one yelled I looked at luhan confused he looked confused to, he turned around to this guy that looked around his age, the guy ran over to him and hugged him "luhan is this really you? Do you remember me?" 

Luhan focused on this guy hard and shook his head, "I'm sorry, I think you got the wrong person" luhan said.

"No no no I can remember you I'm Kai, I was your older brothers friend"

Luhan had a blank look on his face "m-my brother" he whispered.

"Luhan? Are you alright?" I asked him.

Luhan looked at Kai and Kai looked back at him desperately.

"I'm sorry it doesn't ring a bell, you see I don't have a brother" luhan said.

Kai frowned "luhan" 

"I'm sorry" luhan said turning away from him.

I followed luhan as we walked down the street.  I didn't dare ask about what just happened I just walked him. Everything was awkward and quite.

"I want to show you something" luhan said.

"What is it?" I asked 

"Follow me" he said

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