My little butterfly girl

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5. Ch 5

Luhan's pov 

I was woken up by the sun shining in my eyes, I sat up and stretched. Then looked around the room.

I door started to open slightly and then she walked in carrying a plate of pancakes. 

"Good morning, hope your hungry" she said

"Sorta" I said as she passed me the plate.

I started to eat and it tasted SO good, I haven't eaten in two straight weeks.

"So today I have school, would you like to come to?" She asked.

I haven't really been to a real school before in my life, I nodded and she smiled. 

"Alright Ill get you some cloths" she said.

I nodded as she walked out of the room, I finished off the pancakes and set the plate on the bedside table. She walked back in and passed me some cloths I thanked her as she walked out  so I could get dressed.

When she came back in she smiled "that looks really good on you" she said.

She also took out a snap back and placed it on my head.

"There"  she said

I smiled at her "thank you" 

"So luhan, where are you from?" 

"I am from china" I said.

"That's so cool, I have two friends from there" 

"What are there names?" I asked.

"Tao and lay, they go to school here to, so you can meet them also" she said

I nodded "sounds good" 

She looked out the window then turned to me. 

"Bus is here" she said.

I followed her out and she knocked on another door "bus is here zelo!" She said.

"Yeah Im coming"  some one called back.

Brittany smiled at me "lets go" 

We walked out and went in side the bus, there was tons of other kids here to.

Two guys from a seat ahead of us turned around. "Hey!" One said he had pitch black hair and the other had dark brown hair. 

Brittany smiled "hey guys" 

"And who is this adorable little boy" the black haired guy said. 

"This is luhan and he's not little, he's older then me" brittany said

"Hello there luhan, I'm tao" said the black haired one.

"I'm lay!" Said the brown haired one.

"Hello"  I said.

"OMG another Chinese buddy on the Chinese train" tao said.

"Pay no mind to tao he's retarded" lay said

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