My little butterfly girl

Read to find out


19. Ch 19

Her pov

Later that evening Luhan went to work and I packed my stuff away. I went down stairs and watched TV for a tiny bit. After that I got really bored, so I slipped on one of luhan's hoodies and a pair of high hell sneakers and begun walking down the road. 

Seoul wasn't busy at all today, every so often I would see a truck or bus but besides that it was like a ghost town.

I walked into star bucks and sat in a booth waiting.

Luhan soon walked over with strawberry bubble tea. I smiled and took it "you know me so well" I said.

He smiled and nodded "I sure do butterfly"

"You look very adorable in your waiters out fit" I said, by adorable I meant hot, like seriously hot. 

He chuckled "why thank you" 

I took a sip of my bubble tea and held it out for him to have some. He took a sip and looked over at tao who was using his phone. "It's your shift now tao" he said.

Tao nodded and walked up to the cash register.

"You know I was thinking...." Luhan said 

"What where you thinking lulu?" I asked.

"I was thinking we should get our own house, just for me and you" he said 

I nodded "that would be great!" I said taking another sip of bubble tea.

Luhan smiled and held my hand.

I smiled and held his hand to.

"I love you butterfly, like really love you"  he said.

I smiled and blushed a tiny bit "I love you to lulu" 

Me and luhan sat and talked for a hour, when his break was over I headed home and watched pretty little liars with zelo sense there was nothing better to do.

But you know I really enjoyed it, me and zelo where still having that really good bond that we have had through the years.

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