My little butterfly girl

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17. Ch. 17

Her pov

My and luhan said on the couch and watched horror movies all night.

You know me, I was such a chincken and jumped at all the scary parts wile luhan didn't even flench.

He wrapped his arms around me and wrapped a blanket around us.

Half way through the movie I fell asleep, like always.

I woke up the next morning in the arms of luhan, in the guest bed room. I smiled at him peacefully sleeping.

I kissed his cheek and walked downstairs to get some tea.

Mom was already up watching her early morning soap opera witch I didn't have much interest into.

I sat next to her and smiled.

"Hey mom" I said 

"Hi!" She said "you know what I think we should go shopping today, just me and you, the two guys can play video games or whatever, it will give them a better bond" 

I nodded in agreement "that sounds awesome, Luhan can walk zelo through GTA 5 AND they can watch pretty little liars"

Mom laughed as zelo walked down stairs with a tired look on his face "morning" he said.

"Hey zelo, guess what?" I said 

"What?" He asked pouring up a glass of orange juice.

"Me and mom are going shopping so you can get to play video games with Luhan" I said 

The tired look came off his face and be did a fest pump "yes!" He said.

"I tell you really like luhan" mom said looking up from her coffee.

"Are you kidding me he's awesome, it's also cool to have another guy in the house besides me" he said. 

I nodded "I guess so, especially when there both so cute" I said pitching zelos cheeks.

"Ah stop!" He said pushing my hands away.

"Luhan doesn't let me do it to him" I said 

"I see why! Your nails are sharp!" He said

I laughed and so did mom "the stuff we do to be beautiful" I said 

"Just in my opinion" zelo begun "girls look a lot better with out make up, like really you don't need it" zelo said.

"You try being a girl for a day" I said 

He shook his head "no thanks, I prefer being a dude"

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