My little butterfly girl

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14. Ch 14

Luhan's pov

"So zelo do you have GTA 5?" I asked 

He shook his head  "no not yet, do you?" 

"Well I played it when I was if the foster home" I said 

"Lucky!" Zelo said 

"Well tomorrow is your birthday, well see" Brittany said.

Zelo sighed "yeah I know"

"Well me and luhan are going out, well he back later" Brittany said 

Zelo nodded as me and Brittany walked out 

"Can you drive luhan?" Brittany asked 

I nodded "yeah" 

"Want to go for a drive around town and get some bubble tea?" She asked 

"Sure" I said 

Brittany handed me some keys and we walked out to a blue sports car "whoa" I said 

"Do you like it?" She asked 

I nodded "yeah!" 

"You can keep it" 

I hugged her "thank you!" 

She laughed and hugged back as we got into the car.

I started the car and pulled out of the drive way and drove to star bucks.

"Drive thru?" I asked.

"She nodded, id like strawberry bubble tea" she said 

I nodded "okay"

"What kind are you gonna have?"  She asked 

"Hmmm chocolate" I said

She smiled and intwined our fingers 

We got our bubble tea and drove to the beach where we sat in the sand and watched the sunset.

"Can I try yours?" She asked I nodded and passed her the cup and she passed me hers.

I took a sip of it "this is good" I said taking another sip.

She laughed "this one is really good" she said 

The beach was completely empty and the waves where rolling in she lid down in the sand and I lie down next to her

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