My little butterfly girl

Read to find out


1. Ch -1-

Her pov 

I ran, ran at fast as I could. It all came back to me. I was always told to not run away from my problems but....that's all I can do.

I stopped near a ally way and looked around at the dim light. A gang was standing over in a corner smoking, the men looked old and ugly, most of them full of tattoos. One guy caught my eye, he looked very young and handsome although from my eyes he looked like he didnt want to be there.

He looked as though....he had hand cuffs on and his hands where behind his back.

The other men where making him drink liqueur and smoke.

I being the chicken I am just walked back and hid behind a lamp post watching them slowly.

"What should I do?" I whispered.

The men then acted fast and pushed him to the ground beating him and pouring vodka in his cuts. His tears rushed down his face and I just stood there, shocked.

"Go on, you can do this" I said trying to boost my courage and go over to him.

I couldn't, I stayed there, like a idiot.

I sighed as my phone rang to my younger brother zelo.

I ignored it for now witch I often don't do. My little brother meant the world to me. Even if he doesn't see it he still knows it.

Zelo has been through a lot in life but he was okay now. That's all I was thankful for!

Anyway getting back on topic, the boy. 

I finally got enough courage and walked over to him, he was breathing heavy and he seemed to be crying. I took a bobby pin out of my hair and unlocked the handcuffs.

He stood up and bowed in forgiveness.

"There's nothing to be sorry about" I said.

He looked down nervously and bit his lip witch I found very sexy.

"So what's your name?" I asked.

He looked back up "luhan" he said

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