It seems as if we've fallen

Victoria Ryder was simply a girl. She had no noticeable specialties or attributes. She lived her life quietly in the small town of Kinderhook Illinois. That was, until a girl named Emily Rose appeared. Her background unknown to those in town, and her constant smile a wonder to Victoria. On a normal day, in her ever-normal town, Victoria spotted Emily running as if someone was chasing her, so on a whim she followed. Soon, she found her self surrounded by the strange, the lost, or the unknown. She found herself falling through the rabbit hole.


3. Memories long forgotten

"Come on Tori!" Ashling shouted, her blonde hair flying in the wind from her sprinting into the woods. Victoria had only ever let one person call her Tori, and that had been Ashling. "I'm coming! Calm down you nutter!" She yelled back, quickly catching up to her best friend. "What are we doing?" She asked as they ran though the woods. "We're chasing the White rabbit!" Ashling had responded "Ash, there aren't any white rabbits in the woods!" Victoria had said shaking her head at her friends imagination. "You'll just have to see then!" She had said with a knowing smile. "You idiot" Victoria teased "Love you too!" Ash shouted laughing They both panted, slowing down and flopping onto their backs in the grass "You're going to end up killing me you know that?" Victoria said between heavy breaths "Now why would I kill my little Tori?" Ashling teased, ruffling her friends hair "I don't know, why do you want to chase a White rabbit?" Victoria shrugged, looking up to the cloud in the bright summer sky. "One day you'll see him too, don't worry girly" Ashling promised "You'll meet the queen, Dance with the hatter, all of it, and I'm going to be there when you do" She finished Smiling and looking over to her best friend "Pinkey promise?" Victoria asked with a smile, holing up her right pinkey finger to Ashling "Pinkey promise" Ashling confirmed, intertwining Victoria's pinkey with her own.

Victoria's breath caught in her throat, she gasped quickly at the unwelcome flood of memory that had overtaken her. she shook her head against the tears threatening to spill from the corners of her eyes "It's not real" She said, her voice straining, running past the building towards the cemetery "It can't be real!" She shouted to herself as she ran through town. Victoria jumped over it's short fence of Kinderhook cemetery. She collapsed to her knees in front of Ashling. "Why did you leave me alone! You were the one that wanted to chase that stupid rabbit!" She said angrily through the tears that now streamed down her face "You were the one that wanted to go to Wonderland! And you left me to figure it out alone!" She yelled, wrapping her arms around herself and leaning her head against the gravestone that read "Ashling Matting, 1997-2011, Forever chasing the White rabbit" Victoria wiped tears away in vain "I never wanted to do it alone. You promised" She whispered, the image of the small rabbit flashing in her mind "You promised you would be here when that damned rabbit came around" She whispered.Victoria curled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and laying her head against the ground above her friend, her eye lids feeling heavy. She had given up wiping away the tears that now fell, soaking into the group. She could almost hear Ashling's response. "Who said I left dummy? I'm right here" Her voice rang in Victoria's head like bells, an image of the tall blonde 14 year old showed itself at the forefront of Victoria's mind. "You're dead stupid" Victoria responded "You left me two years ago remember?" She added. Ashling's voice began to fade the image of her best friend faded with it. "You left me alone remember?" She said quietly, closing her eyes as thunder clapped over head, rain trickling down on her sweatshirt, raising herself off the ground, and standing on shaky feet "I'm always here dummy, you just have to look" Ashling's voice rang, echoing in Victoria's mind as she slowly shuffled her way through the graveyard, closing the gate carefully, not bothering to pull her hood up. Her eyes found the ground, never once leaving their spot as she walked slowly home through the pouring rain.

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