A night that changed my life.

Katie and her sister are forced to go live with her nan & grandad as her dad has got a new job. Her sister millie love one direction and would love to meet them, but katie is the complete oppersite. But thats all about to change when katie gets stranded in town, near a one direction concert.


1. The morning of the move.

Today was the day; the day i had to pack all my belongings up and ship them all the way to London. I had to say goodbye to my friends, my school, my town everything that i loved. My friends said that they will stay in touch, but i think that after a few week that will change we will drift. 

I grabbed my clothes and a towel and ran into the bathroom before Millie went in a sang her heart out to one direction, her favorite band. Urg how does she even like them. They cant sing, and they make fools out of them self on stage. I know that because i have been dragged to three of there concerts, but i suppose if it makes her happy then let her get on with it. 

As i stepped out the shower, i heard Millie getting closer to the bath room. With her phone playing one direction, "The best song ever". When she realised that i was in the bathroom she started banging on the door, shouting "hurry up Katie, i need to have a shower before we have breakfast." I threw my clothes on and opened the beaten door. "Can you not wait five minutes?" i barked at her. "Oh shut up and let me past squirt". She barged past me and slammed the door. 

I seized my Iphone and headphones off my bed and ran downstairs for breakfast. Were i was greeted by mom and dad. "hey pal, you okay today?" asked dad. "yeah i'm good, thanks." i replied. I put the kettle on and searched for some bread or cereal. 

After breakfast we pilled the last few boxes into the car and set of all the way to London. It was goodbye to Shewsbury and hello to London, this was great for Millie because One Direction were based an lived in London. She was practically bouncing off the wall, know that and that we were moving there. Great, do my parents ever think of me or my well-being? 

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