Beside You

*ashton Irwin fanfic* I roll out of bed, it's been so long since I've seen ashton, but I haven't gotten used to the feeling of the empty bed. I reach my hand to his side of the bed, I wish he was still there.


14. Lies


Savannah's p.o.v

 My attacker puts a sack over my head, throws me in a truck bed with my tank, and speeds off, causing me to hit my head on the tailgate. My phone nearly slides out of my bra and I cuss, knowing it's the only way my plan will work. He slams the brakes, and I fly up to the front.


"Be quiet, bitch!" He yells out the rear window. He makes a hard left and I hit the wall.

"I know you're gonna kill me, but if you want the pleasure of me suffering, I suggest you take it easy!"

Straight for about 3 miles, stop at the stoplight, take a left. Remember the steps and you can save Ashton.

Funny, you'll save him but not yourself.

Yep, yep I will.

He takes a right and continues straight.

Remember, straight, left, straight, right, straight.

We stop and he opens the tailgate, grabbing a hold on my shirt. He yanks me out hard and I hit the ground with a thump. The air leaves my lungs swiftly and I gasp, opening my mouth like a fish out of water.

"Get up, whore." He grunts, kicking my ribs.

"Whatever you say, Asshat." I reply. He yanks the sack off and I blink, attempting to get used to the light. He leads me to a basement. I see someone lying in a ball, shirtless. Their back is full of marks, most likely from whippings. His brown hair is full of dust and he weeps silently, shaking like a leaf.

"Ashton...'' My attacker releases me and slams the door. I run to him and kneel next to him.

"Ashton, baby..." I whisper, tears leaking from my eyes. His lip is swollen and he has a bruise on his cheek. He has marks on his neck that look like finger prints, and his shoulder is dislocated. On top of that, his nose is broken.

"Oh my God." He breathes "You're okay. Baby, i'm so sorry. I just, I-i lost it. Forgive m-"

"Ashton, shut up. I love you, and everybody's okay. Everything's alright. I'm fine, Luke's fine, Cal is fine, Lily is fine, Michael is fie, and you're fine. Okay?"

"Yeah, but why are you here?"

"To save you. Ash, they're going to kill me."

"W-what?" He asks, his eyes wide with fear and sadness. I nod sadly.

"I'm a dead girl walking. Or sitting."

Mister attacker guy comes into the basement, smiling like Heath Ledger. He grins at me.

"Hello, princess."

"Go to hell." I spit.

"I'll see you there."

"Yeah, they're saving me the throne." He steps toward us, putting two fingers under my chin.

"Maybe I should keep you, you little spitfire."

"Over my dead body. Hey! What are you-" He throws Ash up against a wall and wraps his hand around his throat.

"I want to feel the life leave your body, princess. I'm practicing on him."

"You liar!" I shriek, beating his chest. He loses his grip on Ashton. "You said you wouldn't hurt him! i'm here! Strangle me! Murder me! Just leave him alone for God's sake!" He smiles again, making me sick.

"You got it, princess."


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