Another Life

"Do you believe there's life after death?"

16-year-old, Cecilia Woods only wanted to live her life normally like everyone else. However, she is unable to do so because of the tragic accident which happened to her 2 years ago. She had lost both of her parents - even her life. Miraculously, she revived and was granted special abilities which allows her to see and hear things that normal people can't. We're not the only ones living in this world and Cecilia knows it. With her abilities, it's now her task to banish the Unwanted Souls and prevent the darkness from devouring the world.


5. Fallen For The Prey

"I need more time.."

      The woman sat quietly with her legs crossed. "More time...?" she repeated. She glared at me viciously, she doesn't seemed pleased at all. "I've given you plenty of time! Why are you making me wait even longer? I've grown quite impatient for these past few days. When I said I wanted her dead, I literally want her.. dead!"

"It's not as easy as it looks," I grunt. "Not easy? This was the easiest task yet and YOU COULDN'T EVEN GET IT DONE!"

"Mom! Stop it! Can't you not see? She's innocent, for God's sake!"  

"Innocent?" she yelled. "She's manipulating you! She has gotten you under her spell!"

"Mom, I've had enough of this. Why is she so important to you, huh? Why are you so keen on trying to get rid of her?" my voice was fierce.

       She paused for awhile, trying to regain her composure.  Her face suddenly softened and her hand gently caressed my face, "Trust me, my dear.. Everything will be so much clearer once she's gone."

I clenched my hands, turning them into fists. "I can't do it.. mom. I just.. can't. Not anymore.."

"Of course you can.. It's easy. All you have to do is take her someplace far away, where no one could hear her scream.. The best part is, you could choose how you want her to die; you could either stab her or slit her throat slowly and painfully 'til there is no longer a single sound coming out from her mouth," her smile was malicious. It was a heinous plan, I don't even know if I was capable of accomplishing something as cruel as that. She detected my indecisive face and sneered. 

She leaned and whispered, "If you're not going to do it, I'll get rid of her.. myself." She wants to get rid of her? No no no no.. She'll do something, far more cruel than what she suggested. I need to do something. 

"No! Let me do it! Give me chance and I can prove it to you," I tried to convince her. A smile returned to her face and slowly, she kissed my forehead, "I knew I could trust you. You'd never betray your own mother now, wouldn't you? I'm giving you a second chance.. do as I say and you don't need to worry about anything anymore."


      I've had her in my grasp. I've had her fallen into my trap. All I needed to do was to finish her off. I slowly pulled out a dagger which I've concealed behind my back.. but what's this? She's crying right in front of me.. Her face expression pained. "I've suffered a lot too.." her voice sorrow. She turned to me with her eyes gleaming with tears, her face is so delicate and here, under the night sky, the moonlight made her skin glow. She was absolutely beautiful.. I placed the dagger back, hidden it, thankfully she didn't noticed it. I approached her.. Her face was wet with tears, I knew I should've brought along a handkerchief. Somehow, seeing her like this.. made me sad. I don't get why mom badly wanted her dead - she's harmless. There was never once I've seen her hurt anyone besides herself for holding pack the pain. The pain will only consume her but tonight, she managed to let it go. I held her in my arms.. she hasn't stopped crying. "Everything will be okay" I whispered into her ear. 

What's gotten into me? She was my enemy, she was supposed to be dead. However, I've noticed for these past few days being close to her.. I've been having this strange feeling.. I'm unsure what it was. Her laughter, her gorgeous smile, her soft hair and the sweet smell of strawberry whenever she's around made me crave for her even more. 

     "Don't regret it," I recalled back our time by the ice-cream parlor when she asked if I wanted more ice-cream. She was so happy, her cheerfulness stunned me along with her ravishing smile. I remembered her first day in school, I've been keeping an eye on her, monitoring her easily since she picked a seat right next to me. When mom mentioned "dangerous", I was thinking about a hideous monster. She seemed awkward and strange in the beginning, she was talking by herself but I knew.. She wasn't ordinary. I couldn't see them but she can. I've been given an ability to read people's minds and I've read what's on her mind. I've seen her past, I knew what she's been through. There's no way I'm killing her..


     "Hey, Lucie. Have you seen Cillian around lately?" I haven't seen him for a couple of days now. He hasn't gone to school ever since the night he took me to see the stars. I wonder if something happened to him.. I just wanted to say 'thanks' but haven't gotten the opportunity to since he disappeared himself after walking me home. "Hey, uh, Cillian, th -" when I turned around, he was already gone. I thought I'd be able to see him again in school but he never came. His seat has always been empty nowadays. 

"Nope. Still haven't seen him." I twitched my nose.. Where could he possibly be? Is he in danger? Did something bad happened to him? Where is he..?

"Cecil, calm down. I'm sure he's probably out on a vacation with his family or something," she noticed my restless figure. "Vacation? We're not even having our holidays yet. Something must've happened to him.."

"Sometimes, stuff like this happens. He doesn't have a dad, so his mom has been taking care of him a lot. She probably took him out for a vacation, who knows?.. To strengthen their mother-son relationship and to make him feel less lonely," she explained. 

I nodded. "I understand.. He's pretty lucky to have such a mother. It must be great to have a mom to take you out on a vacation.." 

"Hey, don't fret about it. You could always go on a vacation with me. Now, turn that frown upside down!" she pinched my cheeks. "Ouch!" I wriggled free and grabbed her bag. I headed towards the stairs. "Not fair! Give me back my bag!" she shouted. 

"You'll have to catch me first!" I shouted back. I ran downstairs and suddenly, a figure appeared in front of me. I was taken aback and fell backwards. My butt hurts.. It was another wailing soul. Seriously.. how many are there in this school? "What do you want?" I asked, feeling annoyed.

"Suffering..." he spoke with his voice wavering.  

"I know.. All of you are suffering but there's nothing I can do to help," I interrupted his line. I got up on my feet, eager to leave, "I'm sorry. Hopefully you'll find your way back."

"He's.. suffering.."

      'He'? Who was he talking about? Does he meant.. Cillian?! 

"Cillian! Where is he?" I snapped at him.

"Punishment... he's sentenced to a..punishment.."

"Punished? Why? Tell me what's going on!"

"Pain... he's enduring the pain.. for you..."

"What..." no words came out from my mouth. He's being punished because of me? He's enduring the pain.. for me? I must save him. "Where is he?" The sorrowful soul lowered his head. "Tell me where he is," I insisted. He lifted his head and reached out his hands. He grabbed my hand and -

      Where am I? I looked around. This place looks haunted, with the windows partly shattered, the corrupted walls and demolished floors. A huge portrait of a rich family; the son, the mother and the father was hung and was ripped apart, leaving only picture of the mother and son. That little boy seemed familiar. Could that be.. Cillian? Is this his home? It couldn't possibly. Everything in the house seemed to rot, like the furniture and there was so much dust. The sun was shining brightly outside but not even a single ray of light burst into these windows. This would be a good place to keep the Unwanted ones.. I decided to head forward. That's when I realized I was floating about the ground. I heard screams coming through the walls. I ignored them and urged straight ahead. 

There he was.. sealed in a dark small room. He was chained like an animal and the limited space inside the room seemed to suffocate him. He's showered in a pool of blood.. nasty scars appeared all over his body. I rushed next to him. "Cillian! Cillian! Wake up!" I reached out to shook his body but it goes right through him. I can't touch him.. he can't see me either. "Cillian! Wake up!" He seemed alarmed and lifted his head upwards. He searched the area, his eyes travelling from left to right. There's nobody around. It must've been my imagination, he thought to himself.

"No, Cillian! I'm right here!" I cried. I knelt in front of him and cupped his face into my hands, "Cillian, please.. Listen to me. I'll get you out of here. I'll find you and you'll be alright. I promise." I was planning to leave, when suddenly, a figure stood behind me. The woman was standing motionlessly with her dark icy grey eyes. She wasn't looking at me but.. Cillian, she couldn't see me either. She walked right past me and froze. She turned her head as she felt another presence inside the room. I quickly fled before she caught me. I wouldn't be able to save Cillian if I'm writhing in pain under her hands. 

      I remember seeing her before. That night.. when me and Cillian were both in each other's arms, I saw them; their beady murderous red eyes staring. Although my eyes were filled with tears, I could see them. They were hidden in the dark and among them, was another dark figure. That woman.. Her eyebrows were furrowed in anger. She doesn't seemed impressed in what happening before her eyes. I snapped back into reality.

"Caught you!" Lucie's voice startled me. "Hey, what's wrong? You face is pale." I was speechless. That portrait.. that woman was his mother. That boy was Cillian. How come I never noticed? I should have known! The souls warned me to stay away and I didn't listen.. He was trying to kill me. His mother wished for my death but he changed his mind and ended up, disobeying her orders. Now, he had to face his mother's wrath. 

"I have to go."

 Lucie grabbed my wrist. "Where are you going, Cecil?" 

"Someplace I shouldn't be."

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