Negative Two

Piper has been kicked out of her gang for being in 'The Slammer', (Jail/Prison), too much. Now her father has gotten murdered. But she keeps asking, "Why would someone murder Dad?" She gets unusual Messages. A Mystery is unfolding. But there is one question.

What is the mystery?


2. The Text

Chapter Two-


It's been a week since dad died. I'm supposed to go to school now, I don't want to, but I have to. It's hard, letting go. And when I enter the hallways, people will begin to talk to me, to feel sorry for me. But they don't understand how hard this is for me. How hard it is to wake up every morning, head downstairs for breakfast, and find one empty seat with a plate and a fork. Mum's going mad. She keeps talking to herself, as if dad is listening. She says dad is still here, but he's invisible. At night, I hear her talking, so I creep to her room. I find her sleeping on the left side of her double bed, talking to the right side. I'm worried.



I wake up to the sound of clashing downstairs. Realizing it's a Monday; I head to the bathroom across the hall and brush my teeth. I then comb my hair and put it into a braid, then a cap over it. I'm wearing a red T-shirt and a blue hooded jacket, with worn out baggy jeans and my dad's old boots. I head downstairs for breakfast and find an extra plate in dad's seat with actual food in it. 


She's getting worse.


But I go ahead and ask her anyway, "Mum, who's that plate for?" knowing the answer will be dad.


"Someone's coming over for breakfast." She says, calmly. She sounds like how she did before dad died. That's unusual.


"Who is it?" I ask, surprised. 


"Oh, it’s a man I met at work. His name's Ethan." She smiles.


How could mum be seeing someone else?! It's only been a week. I understand that she's lonely, but I want her to be happy, not with someone else!


"Oh." is all I say. There are three knocks on our front door. Mum walks to it and looks through the window.


"It's him,” she squeals then looks at me, "Behave!" she opens the door and in comes a man with wavy brown hair and unpleasant green eyes.


"Hello." He greets me, his voice is deep. He turns to Mum and outstretches his arms. She launches herself into them and hugs him.


Hugging already? When has she met him, five months ago?!


She finally stops hugging him, "Oh, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Piper." She says, gesturing to me.


"Hello." He greets me again, his voice getting lighter.


"Take a seat!" Mum says, taking out dad's chair.


How dare she let him sit in dad’s spot. There's one on the other side. I want to punch him so bad right now. Thinking he can just prance in and make my mum happy just like that. 


"So, Ethan, tell me about yourself." I say, interested to know about this person so I can hunt him down and kill him, like a blood hound.


"Well, I just moved here from Black pool and-" but I cut him off.


"What were you doing in Black pool?" I ask, chewing on my sandwich.


He shrugs and his voice suddenly gets cold, "I was in jail, just like you." I kick him, for being a cold-hearted brute, and mum, for telling him about jail.


"Ouch!" They cry out in a unison.


"Well, I'm going to school now," I announce and get up, "Bye mum and Crap head!" realizing what I have said I grin and walk outside. Once they think I'm gone I look through the window. Mum tells Ethan something and he goes off deeper into our house. Mum looks at the window and turns back, but then quickly looks again. I make an angry face and point my two fingers to my eyes then at her, then run along to school.


I'm now in school, walking through the hallways. It's uncomfortable. People stare at me and mumble something to the person next to them. Then I hear someone say, "She's the girl who murdered her father."


Excuse me. Oh you did not just say that.


I turn to the person who said that and quickly grab his neck, pinning him to the lockers. The people on that set of lockers, except for him, run off quickly to the lockers opposite him. I squeeze his neck harder, "I did not murder my dad," I say, "Repeat it."


"You did not murder your dad," He croaks. I kick him in his groin are then let go of his neck, then continue walking through the halls. Everyone acts like nothing happened. Laura Stewart, the schools 'It girl', (Which is why I hate school, they label people), quickly walks next to me.


"Aw, get kicked out of your little gang?" she teases.


"Back off," I say, "Or you'll regret it."


"What are you going to do about it?" She asks, smirking. I turn to her.


"Look, My dad just died and I don't need anything else happening to me right now, so just go away." I explain.


"Oh," This wipes the smirk of her face, "Sorry." she says and walks away.


It is lunch now and I've had four very annoying lessons, with conversations at the end of each that go like this:

Mrs. Williams: Piper.


Me: Yes?


Mrs. Williams:  I'm sorry about your dad.


Me: Oh, thank you, I guess.


Mrs. Williams: If you ever need to talk, I'm here.


Me: Oh thanks...


Oh, how the school staff loves getting involved with students' lives. I walk around in the cafeteria, trying to find an empty table. Mum says I can come home when I want if I feel bad, as long as it's after lunch. So, I'm heading home after this. I spot a table in the corner and head towards it; it’s next to the window, so I'll have some entertainment.



I begin to munch on my pizza. Unlike other schools in stories, the food here is nice. It's annoying, usually people don't notice this table, but now I'm getting looks from everyone. Word gets around quickly. I see the gang sitting with...The 'Its'?! The ‘Its’ are the group of popular people in the school, Despite the food, this school isn't a fun and friendly environment. It's like one of those cliché stories people always read.



I decide to head over to their table, the one in the middle of the whole room, "Kicked me out for these idiots?" I ask them. Stephanie looks up, surprise on her face.


"Sorry about your d-" But before she finishes I cut her off.


"Don't change the subject." I say, now it's Jason's turn.


"It's not what it looks like, it’s-" But I cut him off too.


"It's exactly what it looks like, you lying punk." I insult him. Tyler stands up.


"Look, I know that this looks bad, but-" Wow, I must really have a habit of cutting people off.


"It doesn't look bad, it looks sad," I say, they look confused, "How you would cut out your very best friend who made you who you are now, to be with these idiotic skunks, just for your so called 'reputation. You must be desperate." but before they can react, I walk off. I'm proud of what I did, I've wanted to make them shut up and realize what they have done for so long.


I decide to take the lesson after lunch, since all of the gang members are there with it. I'm doing it to give them some dirty looks in class, since today is a special lesson about 'being friendly' and 'loving friends.' But on my way there, they are the ones throwing dirty looks. 



I arrive at the classroom, finding myself being the last one. I take my usual seat, the fourth one in the front row. Then Miss. Lambert begins.


"Right as you know, today's a special lesson where we all express ourselves in PSHCE." Miss. Lambert says. PSHCE stands for:







"Right, so as we know, today's lesson is friendship." I quickly turned my head back to Stephanie, making her shift in her seat, "but before that there were complaints that this lesson is boring and stupid, so we should stop it," she eyes Lacey Black, the girl who cried last PSHCE, "But it is not our decision, nor is it the school board's"- but Lacey cuts in.


"Then who's is it?!" she yells.


"I was getting to that, Miss Black," Miss. Lambert says, clearly annoyed, "It is the government’s decision. So hold your complaints and as Miss. Sullivan always says," Oh, here comes one of my awesome quotes, "Deal with it, bro." It's hard not to burst out laughing.


The lesson passed on quite quickly. I, throwing looks at the gang at certain times. Them, feeling guilty. So, now I'm in the streets. I have to take the long way home, since they're shooting a movie in the way I usually take, and I don't have a ride, so it's going to be tiring. I pass the old department store that closed down because of a burglary. I walked past the gap between the Old department store and the super market, finding a bunch of gangsters there smoking.


Oh, how delightful.


I take one look at them and they begin to shift in their places. But then I feel someone yank my arms from behind and drag me to them, "Oi! Let go off me you jerk!" I yell but find myself already being crowded by five of them. They all have pocket knives but, I don't know-


Oh, well crap.


I feel a scorching pain on my wrist to find one of them have already cut me. I scream. Everything begins to go fuzzy, then a soft blur. Then black.


I wake up in a weird room. It's black and I'm sitting on a chair. I try to move my arms but they're stiff. Turning my head back, I find my arms tied with rope to the chair, My wrist healing since the get isn’t deep. Looking down, my feet are tied together too.


I try to get up and, surprisingly, the ropes break.




I find an open window just right next to the street of my home and climb outside. No matter how tired I am, I run and run, I'm not stopping until I'm home.


Finally! I'm home. I climb up the porch steps and open the door to find... Mum and Ethan? Oh hell no! So I put my attitude back on, "Hi mum," I say, "Why's there a coffee cup on the table when no one is sitting there?" I ask, hearing Ethan groan.


"What are you talking about?" My mum asks, "Someone's sitting there." She says. I turn to the table.


"Mum, are you going mad now?" I ask. I then reach out to the chair which Ethan is sitting on and push him, pretending trying to feel something, "Nothing there. Nice joke ,Mum." I say and run upstairs.


Once I got to my room, I launch myself onto my bed and check my phone for any new messages. But there is one that catches my eye, it’s in capital letters. I select it. It says.


I am sorry about your father’s death,

I will make sure you get what you deserve,

So you'll get happy in no time.

But I'm sure you are fine now.

-Negative Two

It's anonymous; I don't how the sender got my number. But I'm not sure if “I will make sure you get what you deserve" Is a good thing or a bad thing. This is unusual. Something is wrong; I feel it in my gut. How does he know that dad died? And usually when people text me they barely use, grammar, capital letters or punctuation. My phone beeps. It says:



i hope to c u soon.


How come he suddenly switched to text talk?


Something’s wrong here...



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