Avengers I.Q

When a unknown army of wriaths threaten to fragment all dimensions, SHIELD must assemble a crack team smart enough to end this threat permantly. But everything is not as it seems.


1. Chapter One

Welcome to Avengers I.Q. I am doing this story for Nanowrimo so therefore I do not have time to check over it so if you see any gramatical or continuity errors than please alert me via a comment below. Also comment if you think there are ways I can improve the story or tell me what yor opinion of it is. Thank you and enjoy.



Nick Fury had never really spent much time contemplating how he would die. With a prolonged life span such as his, he had never thought that he would eventually wither away and die a meaningless death like every ordinary person on the planet. But when he had woken up his sleeping quarters of the Hellicarrier, he had never anticipated that within a few hours he would be fighting for his life.

“Fall back men!” Fury said as the black, swirling, humanoid wraiths advanced.

“And woman,” added Maria Hill.

“Is there really a good time to be debating sexism?” Fury said.

“It is always a good time to be debating sexism!” retorted Hill, only for a wraith to lurch forward and sending them both tumbling to the floor.

    Without hesitation, Fury swiftly turned around and emptied a cartridge into the creature. The first few bullets were sent bouncing off the creature but eventually its defences dimmed and the bullets forced it to crumple to the floor, dead. Just another casualty of war.

    The wraiths had penetrated the majority of the building and had managed to take control of a quarter of the flying fortress within half an hour. If they are allowed much more time, he escape pods would be destroyed and the rest of the crew would sure to face an agonising death.

    Agent Phil Coulson stumbled forwards, shooting relentlessly at their attackers. With those few disposed of, the attack came abruptly to an end. But Fury knew more were still out there.

“Director Fury,” he said. “I’ve just sent a message from Engine Room 2. The first room has been taken down. If another is taken, we shall lose control of the Hellicarrier and we’re likely to crash.”

“Then we’re not going to let them take this ship, are we, people?” Fury rallied the support of his comrades. “It’s time we take the fight to our nest. We’ve had fatalities on both sides. We own more of this ship then they do. So I want you guys to think of one goddamm reason that we are going to lose.”

    The room was silent aside from the pants of a few exhausted men.

“Then why are you standing around like cowards?” Fury snapped. “Prepare your weapons and we shall end this battle.”

“Yeah!” chanted the soldiers.

    As the other began their preparations, Hill and Coulson ushered Fury to the side, just out of hearing distance for the soldiers.

“Valiant speech, Director,” said Coulson.

“You didn’t drag me over hear to flatter me, did you?” said Fury.

“No, Director,” said Hill. “Those were inspirational words, sir, but can you actually follow it up. We attack those things and we’re condemning ourselves and our men to die. Surely it would more reasonable to get to the escape shuttles as soon as possible. That way we can reach a reasonable distance and then detonate the self-destruct system. We blow them to oblivion and we escape unscathed.”

“And if you’re worrying about the Hellicarrier,” said Coulson. “Remember that this things are destroyed every Tuesday. It’s nothing new.”

“It’s not optional,” said Fury. “The men who have already died today – you’d just let them die in vain. They laid down their lives so we could stop this menace.”

“But…” stuttered Coulson.

“May I remind you both,” interrupted Fury. “That these creatures came from a portal of unknown origin. We could blow this place to smithereens and they could still be left standing. So my decision is final. If either of you want to take the cowards way out, I recommend you leave now.”

    Hill and Coulson remained where they were, silently.

“Then ready your weapons and eat hearty,” said Fury. “Because this afternoon our foes dine in hell!”


    Fury and a small platoon of soldiers crept around the contorted, silent tunnels of the Hellicarrier in anticipation, each and every one of them knowing that their deaths were probably an eventuality. Fury hung his head, knowing that it would all be his fault. Decades of war did not make the death of friends any easier.

“Gamma Leader to Theta Leader, do you copy? Over,” muttered Coulson over the portable radio.

“I copy,” whispered Fury. “Have you reached engine room three yet? Has Sigma Leader reached her destination? Over.”

“Neither me nor Agent Hill have yet, Director,” said Coulson. “But FitzSimmons receiving some unusual energy signatures from ahead. How should we precede? Over.”

    Suddenly, a ferocious roar emitted from the corridor right of them. Even the advanced SHIELD agents shivered at the animalistic sounds from before them. Secretly Fury had been hoping for an easy trip to Engine Room Two so they could set up a precautionary boundary around the valuable engine.

“Be cautious, over,” said Fury before hanging up.

    A sole wraith slithered around the corner. This was the first one Fury had seen up close at such a slow pace that he could analyse it intensely. Its extended claws dug giant holes in the floor. Black liquid oozed out of his pores. His eyes, constantly adjusting depending on what it was looking at, were bloodshot. To Fury, this was the pure embodiment of evil.

“Kill it,” he said, devoid of emotion.

    His agents peppered it with bullets. The creature did not even attempt to escape. He must have thought that such a prospect was a futile one.

    But that didn’t make sense. If these creatures could flitter around rapidly and murder entire squadrons within a matter of seconds, then surely…

“It’s a decoy!” realised Fury. Too late.

    Swivelling around, Fury saw that the wraiths had managed to follow them, escaping detection in the shadows and in every crevice. Turning around once more, he saw that the exact same had happened with the only other available exit.

“Those sunnuva…” Fury sighed.

    They attacked. The bloodshed was disgraceful. Fury tried to shoot a few pointless bullets every now and again. They did nothing to aid his cause. Instead every man was picked off one by one in a flurry of malicious activity.

Nick Fury had never really spent much time contemplating how he would die.

    It all stopped. The callous creatures dispersed, fading into nothingness. All of the thumping, pounding, screaming and firing had ended as abruptly as it had begun.

“Gamma Leader to Theta and Sigma Leader, do you both copy?” said Fury. “I repeat, do you copy?”

“Yes sir,” said Coulson and Hill over the intercom.

“They all vanished,” stated Hill.

“Indeed,” concurred Coulson. “I’ve got FitzSimmons on the job. But I think the only reasonable course of action is to bring them in.”

“Agreed,” said Fury. “Rally the few troops we have and complete a full scan of this ship. I want you to ensure that every inch of this ship is free from those beasts. Also get a few operatives down to Engine Room 1 – I don’t want this ship falling on us again! The bring in the team – using any method possible.”


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