The Thirteenth Doctor

Ok this is a crossover from Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Hope you like it, it's my first movella. Cover made by the EPIC Lily Anna.


2. The Memory

"Just the Doctor. Wait, you've forgotten what happened yesterday, haven't you?"

"Probably." Said Hermione, brushing her frizzy fringe from her face.

"Ok, well basically, you and your friends had an argument when you were camping, so you ran off and found me and we got talking and you said you wished you could come with me and I said you could."

"Oh yeah......"

"Ok then, I'd better tell you about myself. I'm a Time Lord, which means I can travel through space and time. Where shall we go first?"

"Can we go to Hogwarts. In the 18th Century."

"Hogwarts? Never heard of the place, but ok...." He tapped some bottoms and told Hermione to hold on tight. The 'TARDIS' began to move and shake. About 15 minutes later, they landed.

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