The Thirteenth Doctor

Ok this is a crossover from Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Hope you like it, it's my first movella. Cover made by the EPIC Lily Anna.


5. The Headmaster

The whole wall went quiet as Hermione and 'Doctor' entered. Hermione braced herself and put on her poshest voice.

"Ah, Good Day, my companion and I-"

"You're the companion!" The Doctor hissed

"Shut up!" Hermione hissed back "My companion and I are trying to find our way to a ball, and we got a bit lost, we were wondering if you could instruct us."

"Go and check the anti-muggle defences." Said Bertha Biddleskin to a puppy dog like Armando Dippet at her side.

"Of course ma'am!" He replied before scurrying off. 

"Students, go and start your first lessons early. Mr and Mrs-?"


"Doctor." Said the Doctor, scanning the hall with his sonic screwdriver.

"Mrs Granger and Mr Doctor-"

"Not Mr Doctor, just Doctor!"

"Ok, Mrs-"


"Look, will you two just follow me?" And then the hall emptied and Hermione began the familiar walk to the headmaster's office. The Doctor skipped behind her, scanning for alien life forms.


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