The Thirteenth Doctor

Ok this is a crossover from Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Hope you like it, it's my first movella. Cover made by the EPIC Lily Anna.


3. Hogwarts

"By the way, Mr Doctor.."

"Just call me Doctor."

"Ok, Doctor, why did I forget everything yesterday?"

"Well you got into the TARDIS and made yourself a bed out of thin air, I have no idea how, then I think you bumped your head."

"Oh, yeah, there's a massive bump here!" (Thanks to @K.R.Melanie) 

"Ok, well this is Hogwarts in the Eighteenth Century. First we might want to get changed into a little more appropriate attire." A few minutes later, Hermione, dressed in a hooped dress, kitten boots and a bonnet, followed the doctor out of the TARDIS.

"If we are dressed like this, we might have to pretend we are muggles that got lost." Hermione hissed to the Doctor, suddenly worried. "Let me do the talking."

"Whatever you say Hermione." They pushed past the 'NO ENTRY' sign and entered the school.

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