This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


20. The son

I saw Lilly on long road and my whole body tingled. She went with some friends, looking into shop windows. It struck me that we were the same age. She was around twenty and I was still stuck in such a body. She looked healthy and she was more beautiful from what I remember. I saw that she had matured and now she was a grown woman.
"Shouldn't we go up to her?"
I shook my head and looked at Louis
"I don't want to disturb her when she got friends around her!"
Louis took my hand and we chose to go after in the distance. I noted that Louis was as nervous as I was. He couldn't let her go and I laughed a little bit.
"You usually don't react that way?"
He blushed
"But she's your daughter and thanks to her I got you!"


Lilly lived in an apartment in a old house. I looked at the long road that she had a good home, but I chose to stay out. She brought a few friends in and I was looking up her window. From the street I couldn't see much, but I used my hearing and eavesdropping on them.I could hear them laughing, talking about fashion, boys, and work. I realized that my daughter lived a good life and even though I wasn't there for her, she managed well.
"Are we going to stand here all night?" asked Louis suddenly and I nodded
"I want to make sure that she has it good!"
"But you can see that she feels perfectly?"
I laughed a little bit and nodded
"But let me enjoy this moment!"


Forward dusk let Louis me be alone. He chose to go off and explore the city on his own. I found a place to sit down on and I was aiming all the attention on my daughter. Her friends would finally go home and I heard they donned coats and laughed. When they had gone Lilly began picking everything in order and right at it was, she stood by the window and looked out. I lost my breath and could do nothing but smile. What was she thinking of? Missing her or me, she let me go?


She turned off all the lights in the apartment and I knew that she would go to bed. I just wanted to cry and felt emptiness. I didn't dare to go up to her and I didn't want to disturb her life. It felt wrong to pull up the old and let her see me. I was therefore surprised when I suddenly heard a voice next to me.
"Hi Mom!"

I stood up quickly and was almost shocked. She stood next to me and I felt nothing but love for her.
"I didn't ...!" I dropped the words and instead I hugged her tightly. The tears came and I couldn't stop hugging her.
"Mom, it's okay with me, I've been waiting for you and wondering when you'd show up!"
I released her and wiped away tears.
"How are you?"
Silly question, but I couldn't think of anything else to say.
"Awesome!" she said and smiled. "I live in an apartment and I'm going to be a lawyer. I don't have much money, but I live a good life!"

I was shaking all over and I couldn't think of what else I could ask her. I was just happy that she was happy. She was my everything and I realized how important she was to me.
"How long time have you lived here?"
Lilly was a little more serious and avoided my gaze
"After you had left, dad became angry. He smiled down everything in the house and was about to turn me into a vampire. He released me and I escaped. I came here for half a year and realized that I couldn't wait for you to save me. "she looked at me again. "I realized I was living my life and no one else could rule over me!"
The tears came again
"If only I had known!"
She laughed a little bit and shook the head.
"You couldn't have done anything. What happened was the best thing in my life and I got the chance to stand on my own feet."

Louis showed up and he hugged directly Lilly. She smiled and hugged him back.
"Hey step dad!"
He laughed and released her.
"We really wanted to meet you!"
Lilly laughed lightly and then looked at me.
"Do you want to get into the apartment?"
Louis took my hand and nodded immediately. They almost pulled me with them, because I felt pretty silly. I hadn't wanted to go in there, but Louis made ​​me.


"So when we meet next time?" suddenly asked Lilly. I didn't know how to answer that question.
"You know that it's hard to just get here?"
She nodded
"But where do you live?"
Louis picked up a piece of paper and wrote down the address on it.
"In Spain, on a desert island if you are in the neighbourhood some day!"
She laughed
"Well maybe when I can afford?"
Louis gave her the note and smiled big.
"It's my mom's house and we have renovated it., It's a paradise and we're all alone there."
Lilly nodded and then looked at me.
"Mom is it okay if I come? I wouldn't let you go, even if I meet a man and have a baby!"

I just wanted to cry.
"But what will they say? These are your grandma and she's twenty years old!"
Lilly smiled and looked down at the paper thoughtfully.
"Mom, we solve it then!"
Louis agreed and took my hand in his.
"It's your daughter, whether she's older or younger! And we can't let her go completely! You want to have contact with her, let her contact you!"
I nodded and swallowed. I looked at Louis and then at Lilly.
"Okay, you're welcome any time!"


In a way it was a relief when we left the U.S. I had gotten in touch with my daughter, I wouldn't have to be with Niall any more and we would stay on the island. I had a home and I had a family. What more could I ask for?


We ended up in a normal life, though we never slept. It felt as if I was an ordinary person, and my husband was Louis. He also seemed to like what we had together and he never demanded anything of me.


A few years later a letter came to me. It was from Niall, and it featured a photo of a cute little boy.


"I just wanted to tell you that Tim is now five years old. I know you don't want to have to do with us, but I wanted to tell you that you changed my life. I finally understand what you mean by unconditional love and that I can't have power over others. I have become a different person and I take care of my son the best way. He shall start in a regular school and we will soon move from the castle. Sometimes he asks about you, but I do like you did with Lilly. I tell him  that mom died a long time ago and that she's in heaven. I hope you don't mind it, but I chose that way! I hope you got to meet Lilly. I've have an eye on her, but know she hates me. I wasn't a good father to her and maybe she told you how badly I behaved towards her? I know that she will live a good life, even if she chooses away the vampire part. I also hope that you get the life you deserve. I know that Louis is a kind man and he will take care of you. I know he love you the right way and he's not like I once was. I apologize for all the lies, and because I didn't see you. I took you for granted and that was wrong. You had to fight and I just destroyed everything. I wish you all the best! Hug Niall!"


A few years later I saw Niall and Tim at a distance. I saw that they had a good time together and that they were a family. Wondering if I felt any regret for my son? No, he was never mine! He never belonged to me and he doesn' know I exist.

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