This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


17. The castle

We came to Italy and the taxi drove us to the village. We chose to walk to the castle and we chose this route as Louis once had taken me. The difference was that we were vampires now and was able to walk for ever. It was nice to stretch my legs and when I caught a glimpse of the castle through the branches, I stopped. Louis also stopped and turned around.

"Can you do it?"
I swallowed
"And what shall we say? Hello Niall, sorry that I ran away, but you have my daughter here?"
Louis swallowed and shook his head. He walked up to me and took my hands in his. Then he looked straight into my eyes.
"No, you just talk about your daughter. Niall has nothing to do with us any more, and he has no power over you!"

I was scared and was actually the first time in years that I was just simply scared.
"But if he has the power?"
Louis smiled weakly.
"Then I save you. I will not let him take you from me and I will not let him hurt me again!"
I swallowed
"You don't have the same power that he has!"
Louis agreed but still smiled big.
"No, I have something that he lacks. I have knowledge!"


I noticed that Niall had let the yard outside the castle decay. Even the pool looked like an old pond and I swallowed. Perhaps because he had all decay or was he back into old habits?


We arrived at the door and I felt on it. It was locked, which made ​​me hope that no one was home. Luis took my hand and then hit the door so that it would be heard. We stood still was but nothing happened.
"There's nobody here!" I said right away, but Louis didn't give up.
"Do you have evidence for that?"
I sighed and shook the head. Then I met Louis eyes.
"You never think like I do?"
He laughed
"No, that's why I'm so good at taking care of you!"


I sat down on the stairs and thought about what we would do. I knew Niall would come back sooner or later, but the question was whether it would happen soon? Louis sat next to me and he sighed too.
"So where can they be? Is there more places that they can be gone to?"
I swallowed
"U.S. if he has allowed Lilly to decide, but I doubt it."
Louis gave me a light kiss on the cheek and smiled at me.
"Maybe we should let them find us instead?"
Louis laughed a little bit.
"I know where the secret door is in the castle. Remember when I was looking for it? I came back here when you had moved and I found it!  it.'s Why I have the perfume and other things!"


I was surprised when Louis opened the secret door in the façade. We went in and closed carefully after us, then we went through a dark corridor and finally came out in the kitchen. I swallowed and felt like a criminal, but Louis was adamant.
"We have a right to be here!" he said and laughed a little bit. I just nodded and went through the rooms. It was destiny everywhere and there was dust on everything. Niall hadn't been there in a long time and it made me relax. It meant that maybe they would show up, but then I was more ready for it.


Louis stood close to me from behind and held her arms around me.
"We can stay here and wait?"
I nodded and felt how he started kissing my neck. His lips caressed over my skin, and I groaned.
"Louis it isn't the time to ..."
He let a hand slide down between my legs and I moaned to direct. He laughed a little bit and unbuttoned my pants.
"It was a long time since we did it!"
I felt his hand slipped inside the fabric, and pretty soon he got me wanting more. He pulled down my pants and turned me around. I kissed him directly and noted that he pulled down his pants as well. He lifted me up and pushed me up against a wall, then he penetrated. I groaned and felt he was moving so perfect. He groaned and held a firm grip under my butt. 
"You are my everything!" he murmured in my ear and I could do nothing but just enjoy. I took my legs tightly around his waist and looked into his eyes. The only thing I saw was pure love, pure lust, and he really showed what he felt. It wasn't about to rule over me or let me decide. We were on the same level.


Eventually we were joined in one big emotion that surged over us. We came at the same time and I screamed. Once again, we didn't bet one another, even though we were both was vampires. It struck me that we were not as Niall and me. Niall had stabbed, bitten and he couldn't let my skin be. When Louis dropped me on the floor, I had to ask him.
"Why don't we bite each other? Niall always said ...!"
Louis kissed me and pressed himself against me.
"Because we don't have the need to have power over another. It Niall did was to show power. Thing you did was to do as he did and what he likes. I don't like that and neither are you."


I found grandma's old chest and directly I opened it. The letters remained and even the diary. I gulped and decided to close the lid again. I tried to live my life, not hers. Still, she was the agony that always came back. She was the reason I live here and now. It was she who made ​​sure I got into Nialls violence.

"Let the old stuff be!" Louis whispered to me. "It's past, we are here and now!"

I sighed
"It's easy for you to say, then you didn't get away donated to a vampire by your grandma!"
Louis hugged me and smiled a little bit.
"No, but I got sick and was about to die!"
I swallowed.
"Will you tell me about it?"
Louis smiled a little bit and shook his head.
"It have with the past to do and we can't do anything about it. Today I'm thankful that I came to you. I had been dead otherwise!"

He was right, but the feeling in me wanted to remove everything about vampires inside me. I let my eyes slide over the shelves and then I caught sight of a book I had forgotten about. It was the book I had bought in the village along with Lilly. It was the book of how to kill a vampire. Direct I went up and took it down from the shelf.
"Louis, you're smart?"
He smiled and laughed
"Why do you say that?"
I turned around towards him and smiled weakly. Then I gave him the book.
"Tell them that we will have benefit from this!"
Louis looked down at the book and was almost white in the face.
"You want to die?"
I laughed a little bit
"No, but I was thinking if we can do something to protect us against Niall?"

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