This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


19. The baby

Louis panicked and looked coldly at Niall
"You can't force her, and you shall be the father or what?"
Niall smirked and nodded
"Nelly knows that I always wanted to have a child. Give me a very own child, I promise to give you peace and never seek you up or do anything against you never again!"
I swallowed and shook the head
"I can't Niall!"
He looked coldly at me
"So then you don't know where Lilly is!"


Louis looked at me long and swallowed
"Please don't say yes to his request!"

I just wanted to cry
"But my daughter?"
"We started looking and I promise that we'll find her without Nialls help!"
I looked down at my hands and realized I was hooked. Niall would get what he wanted, but how would I explain that to Louis?
"I have to think!" I said short and avoided him. "Leave me alone!"
Louis seemed to want to cry. He nodded and went away.


Niall was lying in bed and looked like a king. He had an old book in his hand and played as if he didn't see me.
"And how do we know that I get pregnant?"
He looked up at me and smiled. He had planned everything!
"I have left everything since we got Lilly and it still works!"
I saw how he went and fetched the fever thermometer and everything that we used when we did Lilly. He laid it on the bed and smiled at me.
"So you say yes?"
I turned on me around and made sure that Louis was around. Then I nodded carpet and looked at Niall again. He enjoyed! I saw how he Orderly enjoyed and loved the power he had. He stretched out his hand to me.

I went up to him and he picked up the stick, as I once had used every day.
"Go pee on it and we'll take your temperature!"


(If you have not read book one:
I chose her to pee on a stick and you saw it when it was easiest to get pregnant. If you do not understand what I mean: Read ahead anyway!)


Louis didn't know that Niall checked up on me daily. Instead, he believed that we would wait for Niall and see if he doesn't Lets it Slip out in the end.


Finally, the day came when I could more easily get pregnant. Niall was thrilled and locked the door to the bedroom. He walked up to me and I saw how he wanted to throw over me.
"Take off your clothes!"
I obeyed him to bed then back in bed. Niall stood a long time and just stared at me, then he ripped off his all clothes and threw himself over me. I just wanted to cry, but I knew that this would soon be over. Niall groaned, panting and seemed completely in what he did. I felt nothing! I neither kissed him and took my hands around him. I just lay there and let him hold on.


When I finally got pregnant Louis became furious.
"You did it behind my back?"
I gulped and wept.
"I want my daughter back. You will never understand how I feel!"
Louis stayed away. He disappeared into the cellar and just seemed to want to go away.


During the nine months I lived in a fog. I barely talked with Niall or Louis. Instead, I sat on my bed and just was. Louis had to remind me to drink blood, otherwise I would have faded away.


My stomach was growing and I could feel the baby moving around. Yet I felt no mother love. I felt nothing for this baby. He or she was not a kid that I would take care of and it was entirely up to Niall.


"Are you sure that Niall is able to be a father?" Louis whispered to me. I looked at him and found that I didn't care.
"He has his way, and we need not bother us!"
Louis didn't understand how I could be so cold.
"But it's your baby?"
I shook my head
"It's the payment to him to give back Lilly and leave us in peace!"


I gave birth to a son late one winter day. A healthy little son Niall immediately embraced. He took him and wrapped the baby in a blanket, Niall was crying. I was alone and felt emptiness.
"And your promise?"
Niall smiled at me and Louis. He smiled with his whole face and it was the first time I saw him look happy in a long time.
"Well, I'll give you the right address!"
Louis held my hand and smiled weakly at me.
"And we leave the castle now?"
I nodded


We got a note with Lilly's address on and I packed my bags. I neither asked for nor wanted the baby near me. I didn't wanted to know his name. Niall kept him away from me and I was grateful for that.


Before Louis and I disappeared Niall gave me a hug.
"I promise never to look you up. I will forever be grateful to you!"
I didn't answer and was cool.
"Take care of yourself!"
Niall nodded and smiled big
"And you take it easy to!"


It was the last time we saw Niall. All that then remained was the memory of a confused man who finally found what he wanted in life.

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