This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


18. Niall

We lived in the castle for three months and right as it was a car came to the castle. Both I and Louis made ​​us ready. I stood so that you could see me from the door and Louis stood behind me. It took a while before a key was turned around and Niall showed up. He went straight in with a suitcase and was startled when he saw us.
"What the hell ...!" he exclaimed, and just stared at us. I expected that Lilly would show up, but she didn't come.
"Where's my daughter?"
Niall got a smile. Directly he seemed to collect himself, and it seemed that he was amused.
"What do you care?
I swallowed
"She's my daughter and I want to meet her!"
Niall closed the door and laughed a little short.
"You left her!"
I tried not to show my insecurity.
"She was in on it! I had talked to her and ... "

Niall laughed
"No, she said you just took off and that she had no idea where!"
Louis sighed
"I also talked to her, but maybe she didn't dare to speak the truth to you?"
Niall just snorted and walked towards us.
"Says the guy who stole my wife!"
I shook my head and tried to be strong against Niall. I felt he was close to taking control of me again. I felt that he was trying to get power and it made me scared.
"You had no wife by heart!"
Niall arrived at me and looked coldly into my eyes.
"I suppose so, but you are still not a good wife., It's good that another guy took over you, and fuck you at night. I was still tired of you!"


Niall took the bags and left us. He went up to the bedroom and the only thing I felt was utter hopelessness. I knew he had control over me, but the question was where my daughter was?
"We stay!" Louis whispered to me. "He will not win!"
I swallowed
"What's the use? He will not say a word!"
Louis hugged me softly and seemed to have a different view. He looked into my eyes and smiled reassuring.
"I promise you, it will work out!"


"Are you still there?" Niall mumbled when he came down again. He went to the kitchen and I followed. I was so close that he felt me.
"You must tell me where Lilly is!"
Directly he stopped, turned around and looked at me with a cold stare. He took a few steps toward me and just seemed to feel hatred towards me.
"You have nothing to say!" he mumbled. "You're dead to me, and you aren't a person to me. Lilly are somewhere, it's up to her and I will not say a word!"
I swallowed.
"You don't own her!"
Niall smiled coldly and threw out his arms.
"For fifteen years you took her. You were no better than I am, so don't come with your morals and don't throw those words at me!"

"Where is she?" I whispered and didn't let go off his gaze. Niall stood completely still and just stared at me. He smiled that stuff confident smile and seemed to enjoy.
"Where she belongs!"
I didn't know what more to say. I was therefore surprised when Louis showed up and stood between us.
"Niall, come on, you can't be so cold to her....!"
Niall interrupted him,
"And you shouldn't put yourself in my family problems. You took Nelly from me. Isn't that enough?"
Louis sighed and didn't give up.
"You lost her because of that you are egocentric and don't love her. You were with her only to feel the power!" 
Niall seemed not to care what Louis said. Instead, he looked at me again.
"You had a choice and you blew it!"
I shook my head
"No, you blew it!"


It ended in chaos. I was angry, sad and devastated. I felt hopeless and I had no feelings left to share. I sat in the library and looked down at the grandmother's coffin. Maybe I had it in the blood? Whatever I did, it was wrong and how I wood on me, I couldn't change anything.


Niall came into the room and closed the door behind him. He was leaning against the door and just stared at me. It was as if he was going through it all and that if he didn't want to be mean.
"She's not here!" he said. "I can tell you where Lilly is but I want something back!"
I looked at him and shook the head
"I will not come back to you!"
Niall smiled cold
"I don't want you, I want you to do another thing for me!"
"Giving birth a child to me!"





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